Kingsbane: OCs from my WIP Novel, Calibur-fied!


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Welcome back to the stage of CaS history... Having lost motivation being at a point where I am past book one characters where some of the ones I'm getting more excited to show become borderline spoilers, I decided to handle my story a bit different by retelling my characters bios as if they were part of the universe of Soul Calibur itself. Granted, how much of it is accurate to their canon interpretations is up to debate, but they'll generally equate to something within the universe of Kingsbane. Some of their connections within the actual SC canon will reflect within the actual novel which bears no connection to this series.
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Full Name: Was never named.
Gender: Male
Birthday: 21 December
Age: 27
Birthplace: Kingdom of Navarre
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lb.
Weapons: Cutlass and dagger.
Affiliation: Whoever will serve his for his ambition.
Occupation: Former Left Hand of the Order, now assisting the Princess of Navarre in retaking her throne.
Theme: No Turning Back, Destiny Will Tell (vs Maelys)

Taken from his family who was then executed by the Order as an infant. Mother was apparently malfested...
Jairus: Adopted brother

What lies in his soul is retribution. Trained as an assassin for the Order, descendants of templars loyal to the Church, he has learned truths regarding his connections to the Soul Swords. It is said he possesses the blood of a malfested and he is feared for his ability to gain the essence of those whom he has slain. It is for this reason that the Order raised him to be their weapon in being able to destroy Soul Edge, but because of his natural malfestation, they have shunned him, only keeping him alive for purposes regarding his usage in claiming the Soul Swords for their own purposes. While playing the part of a loyal servant to the Order, he has uncovered truths regarding the Church's true intentions regarding the Sword of Salvation and thus has been assigned a mission he knew would be suicide. Instead, he sided with his target, a Navarrean lord, and decided to find the kingdom's princess to reunite her country. In return, XIII hopes to learn about his past and guide the princess against the Order. Still, he is prepared to have enemies as he has declared even Soul Calibur a danger.



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Updated the deuteragonist who is arguably one of the only truly heroic characters of Kingsbane.

Full Name: Maelys Navarre
Gender: Female
Birthday: 14 March
Age: 19
Birthplace: Kingdom of Navarre
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 126 lb.
Weapons: Sword and shield.
Affiliation: Kingdom of Navarre
Occupation: Former Left Hand of the Order, now assisting the Princess of Navarre in retaking her throne.
Theme: Unwavering Resolve, Destiny Will Tell (vs. XIII)

King Caius: Father (Killed by the Order)
Queen Imelda: Mother (Died from illness)
Archbishop Grattius: Paternal Uncle

What lies in her soul is solace. Since the Order's attempt at an insurrection against King Caius's rebellion, Princess Maelys has been sent to a convent to live her life as a nun and protect her from enemies of her kingdom. It was long thought that the kingdom of Navarre had no heir, now being territory of Archbishop Grattius. It was thus that Maelys was raised knowing that her father was a villain who dared to defy the Church. However, one fateful day, an assassin was sent to find the rightful heir of Navarre knowing that he had a vendetta against the Order. He thus used ruthless methods and kidnapped the princess-turned-nun to convince her that only she could restore the state of her nation. Perhaps what drew him to her though was that Maelys showed more compassion for the masses as opposed to the other nuns' piety. Yet the question remains whether this renegade assassin is to be trusted to not use her for his own agenda. Still, Maelys is dedicated to restoring the discord within the country she did not know would be hers one day...




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Maelys looks glorious in her new design. A classic paladin costume with your own personal tweaks. My only suggestion is to maybe make her blush a bit peachier or tanner to avoid that washed out look in certain stage lighting.


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The funny thing is that my tv settings make the colors look more washed out than they do on the computer.

I kind of regret making her outfit pinker to match the fixed red per of Hilde’s outfit and how I can’t have Maelys wear a skirt with any of Hilde’s stuff.

Hilde’s new hair even comes with the braids I wanted to give Maelys, but the hair is too short for her.


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Full Name: Ciaran Le Cenecio
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 4 August
Age: 28
Birthplace: Navarrean Outskirts
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 142 lb.
Weapons: Quarterstaff and Spirit Magicks
Affiliation: None. Outcast from Talians.
Occupation: Minstrel
Theme: Sleepless: An Untamed Beast

Cressida, sister
Otherwise shunned by his people.

What lies in his soul is freedom. Having shunned the ways of his people, Ciaran was cast out. Being a musical kind of folk with an attribute for spiritual powers, Ciaran has scraped by within Navarre. He too is seen as an enemy walking within the country's walls, being feared as a warlock within some circles, but just wants to live in peace. Only in it for the rewards, Ciaran becomes one of XIII's and Maelys's first allies to take back Navarre. While not considered a strong fighter, he is the emotional support and mediator of the princess's retinue. His magicks support his allies due to his disdain of combat. He has hopes of making the princess and the former assassin's desire for restoration come to fruition just so he can go on in peace, but truly comes to care for his companions. Perhaps his destiny to likes in the stability between the Soul blades?




Full Name: Lucia di Aleister
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 13 April
Age: 31
Birthplace: Aleister Province, Navarre
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lb.
Weapons: Daggers, bombs, and poisons
Affiliation: Kingdom of Navarre
Occupation: Minstrel
Theme: Sleepless: Midnight Mystique, Unblessed Soul (vs XIII)

House Aleister, a noble family of Navarre purged by Grattius.
Simeon, on-and-off lover.

What lies in her soul is ardor. A witness of the Order's purge, these events have fueled Lucia's desire to seek vengeance against those who took her family away. Having been forced into exile due to the former Navarrean king's descent into madness following the war against the Order led by Grattius, she and the last of her relatives known to flee the Aleister tragedy have settled into the colonies. It is from this lifestyle that Lucia learned the arts of piracy from being forced to forfeit her nobility as well as continue her learning in alchemy. All tools in order for her to take back what was taken from House Aleister. It is for this reason that she swears fealty to Maelys. Despite her desire for vengeance, Lucia is a woman driven by love. She meets XIII and Maelys while they are in need of a ship therefore joins their cause as her beloved father would have done.




Full Name: Simeon Piott
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 18 May
Age: 40
Birthplace: Aleister Province, Navarre
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 198 lb.
Weapons: Lance and Short Sword
Affiliation: Kingdom of Navarre, Order for a while
Occupation: Mercenary
Theme: Confrontation

Family claimed in attacks by Grattius.
Former squire of Lord Renault Aleister.
On-and-off lover of Lucia.
Trained XIII in combat arts for a time.

What lies in his soul is redemption. He was a squire of Lord Aleister until the Tragedy that was started by Grattius. Having felt he served a traitor in his youth, he then joined the Order, unaware his family had been slain by the Archbishop. Still, he felt emptiness, as if the Order had been corrupt. Still, he took a fondness for a certain would-be assassin of the order until guilt overtook Simeon, making him defect. Members of the Left Hand have been sent to have his head, but none have ever returned. Now branded as a traitor to the Order, he's made a living as a mercenary for some time, still honoring chivalry for what it truly is. While remaining faithful which draws odds with his hardened protegee, the former Order knight's travels with the rest of Maelys's retinue drive him to seek his redemption over failing House Aleister and his own belief in a knight's honor.




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Full Name: Gideon di Lysitheon

Gender: Male
Birthday: 10 October
Age: 56
Birthplace: Kingdom of Navarre
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 163 lb.
Weapons: Longsword, but favors the bow.
Affiliation: Kingdom of Navarre
Occupation: Navarrean Margrave
Theme: Valiant Heart

Two sons, one currently on the Navarrean battlefront. Other unknown.
Elsabeth, wife died in childbirth of second son.

Once a friend to Renault Aleister and King Caius, Gideon was known for his intellect and expertise in the bow. He was in fact aware the Navarrean princess still lives and served as the catalyst to XIII's defection from the Order and to bring Maelys into power. Of logical mind and much knowledge in history, he once studied to be in the clergy only to further his knowledge to better serve Navarre. Perhaps this too is why he is known for his distrust in the order and why he'd seek to remove Archbishop Grattius from seizing power over Navarre. His shrewdness is his greatest weapon and has made his name famous as a strategist who himself is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to restore Navarre's prosperity. Just what is his ultimate plan regarding placing Maelys into power and why is he interested in XIII's role with the matter of Navarre?




Full Name: Iris
Gender: Female
Birthday: 28 May
Age: 21 (Dragonsblood years)
Birthplace: Spyre, Mountains of Navarre
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 118 lb.
Weapons: Polearm and Elemental Magicks
Affiliation: Dragonsblood Outcasts
Occupation: Scion of Dragonsblood Outcasts
Theme: Wings of Despair

The people of Spyre; her village serves as a family of sorts.

What lies in her soul is fervor. It is said that at Mt. Spyre, renegade people of Dragonsblood descents and the ancestors of the Talians are known to watch over Navarre. They live in seclusion, being known as demons to those who don't know any better but to Navarreans, they are seen as guardian spirits despite being mortals. Not many of them have had contact with the common folk under the Order, yet they despise the latter for the discord caused to Navarre. As Navarrean royal tradition requires them to make a pilgrimage to receive a Scion's blessing, Iris takes a liking to XIII's greater cause for assisting Maelys and commits the taboo of leaving her people to end the strife affecting the land these so-called guardian spirits. Even so, Iris shows much contempt for the rest of humanity as befitting of her people, seeing the former assassin's goals as her own despite being required to serve Maelys in such a time of need. Even if she is a Scion of her people, she is not trusted for her interactions with humanity, dishonoring their usual isolation.