Kogarasumaru August 2009 Monthly (UFC 102)


[09] Warrior
Wildcard Tournament

- Got cops called on Jay's house

2vs2 Team Tournament

- Didn't get cops called on Jay's house

See? We should do Team Tournament instead.

Actually, it shows people stayed and had more of a good time during Wildcard Tournements. XD lol jk. Just a little FYI, not only did it only happen one time, but even the reason why they came in the first place was because it was still going on since 2 in the morning. >_< Im pretty sure if Team (or hell, Any) Tournment were in the same position, we'd have the cops called in as well. :\ I'm hoping for the revival of Wildcard as well, but i guess we gotta play the waiting game. :p


[12] Conqueror
I know. I was joking.



[09] Warrior
wild card would be awesome, last time i was too messed up to enter. i think i'll give this blazblue thing a shot as well


[08] Mercenary
Shadow I love you, good news I will officially be able to make this event. I am very excited...I already got the day off..I will be entering SCIV and BlazBlue...Yes Shadow complain about my ice cars lmfao...well cant wait to see you all again I always have a blast...


[08] Mercenary
fuckin got called into work last weekend so i couldnt go to the tourney... and i actually have work the day of this tourney.. but im about to just go right after work.. keepin my fingers crossed


[08] Mercenary
pardon me for asking this question, but is there like an age limit for this event? im young but would love to participate.


[09] Warrior
hey is there any bus stations near by? cuz im coming up from south jersey. The bus is the best way up, also can someone hook me up with housing if possible


[09] Warrior
People usually end up falling asleep at Jaxel's at these. If for some reason we're not allowed to stay there one of the Jersey crew: probably myself or Bibulus would be able to house you.


Super Moderator
I guess since I'm here, I'll add some HYPE! to this thread. Who wants to money match?


I'll be down late tonight, see you guys tonight/tommorow.

Keep the faith EC calibur... 2monthlies every month, still sessions. Were not dead yet.
Fuck BlazBlue.