Leixia's Top 10 Moves


[10] Knight
So what's your top 10? Mine for now is, in no particular order:

- (i)WR B BE - no comments needed
- 33_99B,B - nice damage, little punishable (-13 but has a huge pushback), good for okizeme, nice range
- 3B
- (i)FC 3B
- 2K - because it avoids mids sometimes
- WR A+B - at the moment it's my favorite low attack
- 22_88B
- 66A,A - 2nd hit is -12 but it's RC so Leixia can't be punished with A,A
- 66K
- 6K,K - i14 punisher with +10 on hit


[13] Hero
WS B (and BE)
44A and variants
3A+B (just another option to RC)
WS K (for those times when even WS B and WS A+B just aren't working)
22B (still good)
22K (has better range than 22B and its the best version of Circle Breaker, knds on hit)
44B (still a solid retaliation punisher)
2A (universally fast and good frame advantage)


[08] Mercenary
3B (WR3B)
11_77AA (and all varients)
22_88K(and all varients)
Throws (I have a buddy that can break throws on reaction, he can see the startup animation and break accordingly, but he has trouble with x throws cause I guess the A+G and B+G startup animation is very similar, she grabs your back and starts to climb on, so I guess it confuses him! haha)

There are many many many more moves that I use, but these ones are proabably the most staple for my game. I also really like 3B+KkG but its not like a top 10 moves, its very situational and usually used for wakeups post launch.



Blink Master
6KK - great punisher
WR B BE - fantastic damage, safe
6B A - great on counterhit, good against characters with lots of pushback
3K - great poke/interrupter
FC3B - better than 3b in nearly every way
22 kAA B_K - mixups and guard damage
22_88B - not as good as in SC4, but still worth it
44[A] - the delay is great for opponents who flinch
6[A] - mixups and "get in there"
44K - underrated move, most characters have significantly slower WR moves than standing, which can help give you an extra few frames for a mixup.

These are my top favorites at the moment.


[10] Knight
4K is her best move. Sets up frame trap for most characters. Only works for a while until people figure it out.


[08] Mercenary
Yeah how could I forget about 4K.

The people I play with def recognize it now and dont try to mix me up after block, when they block 4K they almost always block or step, 4K 2A is one of those things, most things fast enough to interrupt the 2A get ducked by it, it gets step and its generally annoying, once you force your opponents to block after they block a 4K, you have the mixup and thats pretty sweet.



[13] Hero
Top 10 Lexy moves as of now. in order:

1. FC 3BB
- Sneaky KND low that guarantees 33BB on hit, and is a guard break giving +8 on block. Her best move right now imo.

2. 6KK
- Best punisher. i14 mid with great reach that gives +10 and puts her in crouch for her WS mixups. unsafe though.

3. WS B(BE)
- Auto sidestep, Auto GI, TC, high damage safe mid launcher. costs meter. Possibly best BE in the game.

4. 3B
- i17 TC mid launcher, good reach, only AA punishable by most characters.

5. 3A+B
- THE go-to stepkiller. i19, 32 dmg and +frames on hit, stun KND on CH, leaves her in crouch after. Safe.

6. 33_99BB
- NC, decent dmg mid KND. Hits grounded and crushes guard in 7.5 blocks. Unsafe only to far reaching i13 moves.

7. 3B+K
- TC, KND Mid with a flip kick followup on wakeup. Good reach, if used after backstep it works as a semi 44B. Except this one is safe.

8. 66K
- Always solid. Safe, Tracks to one side, gives +frames on hit, used to set up throw, mid mixup from mid range.

9. AA series
- i11 stepkiller, good range, positive on hit, third hit ender with AAB, or (BE) ender. Punishes things many characters can't.

10. WS A+B
- Her best low hit. catches step, unseeable low to set up pressure game after moves that leave her in crouch. has a third hit ender that can become a guard break. Unsafe only if high is ducked.


[09] Warrior
Haven't seen a top 10 move, so yeah. As for my top 10 moves in no particular order:

4k: High kick that is safe, combos, fast and one of my fav. tools since SCIII.
2a+bG, Low cancel move, BT mixups, and opponents will guess the low or the cancel itself. Mixup with BT2k or throw or even BT b+k.
6k,k: long ranged, ends in crouching, NC, one of the best punishers.
WRa+b: Great tool for wake-ups.
b+k: ONE of my greatest tool. Ends in crouching, TC, plus more mixups like WRa+b and WC3a+B (or cancels)
WRb: Evades some attacks, (but punishable).
WRb be: Safe (neutral), launcher on hit, leads to nasty BT mixups when used in combos (particularly after btb+k).
1b: safe, ends in WC that leads to crouching mix-ups.
66b,b,b: Pressure, mixup between 66b,b and 66,b,b,b.
66k: safe, range punisher and twitches opponent to the side.
WC3b: Safe launcher, good damage, mixup with WC3b,b , huge hitbox.
44b: Panic move when you have no control, backdashes and evades alot of moves, and has an auto GI if 4 is added.

More moves that in particular good:

3a+b: evasion property, stuns and combos on hit.
4a+b: GI launcher, safe (?), and can be mixup for 4a+b,aB.
a,a, be,k : The quake is more safer.
WR a: Safe (?), stuns on CH.

Moves that didn't make the cut:
22_88 b: Safe if used properly, but what I needed most is the startup frames. This shit is slower than before IMO.
1b+k: It's fine actually, it bursts (yehey), evades some attacks, but range is terrible. A good move for close range only.

Der Lindwurm

Premium Member
You don't think 3b+k, k is one of her best moves? That's probably the one move I do the most damage with (though I'm also very inexperienced with Leixia.)


[09] Warrior
Every single one of her cancels besides 3B+K K~G is gimmicky, in my opinion since they're all pretty slow. Also, all you're doing is a strange fake-out animation and then mix-upping when you could've mixed up to begin with, which means you're basically just giving them extra time to poke you out of your move.


Lay still now
1. 66BB
2. WS B BE
3. 3A+B
4. FC 3B
5. 3B
7. AA
8. 22_88K
9. 6KK
10. 44B

I used to love 66AA but now it gets JG by a lot of people.


[12] Conqueror
Not sarcasm:

This will be very different from everyone's list:

In no specific order of favor


I will edit this

I also like 1K series but i cant find set -ups for it unless they lock up...which only happens if they overthink her.

I like CE and WR B BE of course too


[12] Conqueror
Top 10 no order:
AA series
66B series
6K, K

Since you can't use just 10 moves, here's 10 more:
44A series
44B and 44B4