Libra of Soul, New Character, and Tira Reveal Trailers

Gamescom trailers are starting to get pumped out by Bandai Namco and we got two awesome reveals. Libra of Soul is a new game mode for SOULCALIBUR VI where you make your own character for an alternate story. You will be able to travel, complete missions, and meet SOULCALIBUR VI characters along the way.

In the Libra of Souls trailer, we can see that there is a new antagonist that will be in SOULCALIBUR VI. Considering the quality of his details, it is safe to say that he will be a playable character. Based on appearances alone, he will most likely be a magic staff user.

Tira was also announced! She will be a pre-order bonus incentive and she will also be available with the season pass. She still retains her Jolly and Gloomy stances from SC4 and SC5. Tira also refers to each mood as names for the different personalities in her head which is a nice touch. Personally, I am super excited for her reveal in particular. The main question at this point is if she will be a part of any story modes in SOULCALIBUR VI since she is a DLC incentive.

In other news, as of yesterday you can pre-order the game digitally on all platforms. SOULCALIBUR VI comes out on October 19, 2018. Keep in mind that Steam releases globally all at the same time, so for the western world, the game will be releasing on the 18th.

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Michael Stabile


CAS IS BACK! Now we are talking. But I can't feel dissapointed at DLC Tira. I can Accept post reléase DLC, but DLCs even before the game is out always triggers me.
are they going to have cas on SCVI for the other modes Okubo's going to add?

Leaves me wondering, are they going to add Cassandra as a DLC along with Arthur and Hwang?
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