Lilac & Gooseberries; Geralt Combos


[13] Hero
Natural Combos

AA - 24

BB - 28

6BB - 34

6B(B) >
66BB - 67
1AB - 67
CE - 93

3B >
6AB - 51
6BB - 50
6B+K - 50
if Opp. is in SC 44BB - 84
6B(B) - 61
CE - 88

4(B) >
66BB >
66BB - 67
1AA - 68
B+K BT B+KB - 76

4KK - 30

66AA - 30

66AK - 35

66BB - 44

33B >
66BB - 42
6B(B) 66BB - 67

Doesn't seem like he has much to work with. Lets check out LH.

66BB >
66BB - 76
1AA - 76
B+K BT B+KB - 78
Pretty basic. Now lets add some FenrisTech.
66B+K >
4KK - 77 For the style points
6B+K >
44BB - 85
B+K BT B+K 44BB - 96
CE - 89

66B+K >
4KK - 95
6B+K >
66BB - 99
CE - 104

Counter Hit Combos

6AB - 36

4A:A >
8A+B - 58

1AA - 41

1AB - 43

Wall Combos
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[14] Master
I'm going to copy and paste (for the sake of convenience) from a Google doc created by several members of the community.

Thanks to: Kowtow Robinson, Bibulus, Linkorz, Konmai, KBO, Badguy and everyone else that’s been labbing Geralt, lot of this info comes from them originally.


Combos (absolutely a WIP, will be adding to this frequently. Come on and slam!)

  • 3B launcher
  • 6A,B - damage 51, grounded opponent directly at Geralt’s feet. Good mixup from here, 1B will knock down again, 1K and 1A,A both cover side roll, if they try to duck 3B will relaunch. They’re knocked down at your feet, the layers of the mixup are up to you.
  • 6B,[ B] - damage 60, costs .25 meter. Some of your long range options will still reach after they air control, but the mix isn’t quite as strong. Good to bully people around the ring for positioning. May ring out from slightly farther away than the 6A,B ender.
  • 6B+K,B > 44B,B - damage 87 enemy soul charge only, 6B+K,B will ground stun for guaranteed followups. 44B,B ender cannot be teched, huge increase in damage from his standard 3B routes.
  • Wall stun > 3B wall stun > 4K,K,B > 1A,A: Damage 87, seems to catch tech catch reliably, can end with 3B for 84 if we find a situation where it doesn’t. Can potentially resplat if they tech towards the wall again, but only adds a few more points of damage with another 1A,A.

  • 33B sit down stun
  • 6B,[ B] > 66B,B - damage 67, reliable combo for great damage, especially considering how far out you can whiff punish with 33B. Leaves them grounded about one dash distance away (two if they back tech), resetting neutral.
  • 6B,[ B] > B+K > bt B+K,B - damage 74, Igni string into trooper scooper, can be tech rolled either side or back into guard, but for unaware opponents does more damage and side switch. Test people with this but don’t force it if they show they can avoid it.

  • 6B,[ B]:
  • 66B,B - damage 64, you will need to time this early or they will be able to tech roll out. Seems consistent otherwise. Good damage considering how far 6B reaches.
  • B+K > bt B+K,B - damage 79, same as 33B combo can be teched

  • A+B Lethal Hit (guard burst against GI/RE)
  • 66B,B > 1A,A - damage 92, first 66B,B has to be timed well to get the ground stun, guaranteeing the 1A,A. Very simple to apply, cannot be tech rolled.
  • B+K, bt B+K,B - damage 104, best damage but switches sides, you may sacrifice positioning for damage.

  • 4B Lethal Hit (opponent in soul charge)
  • 66B+K > 6B+K,B > 44B,B: damage 86, catches all tech rolls. Leaves opponent close to Geralt. Because the opponent is in Soul Charge, 6B+K,B will ground stun, allowing the 44B,B to hit. Timing can be strict, make sure to hold the 2nd back input. 6B+K,B will also RO over short walls.
  • 66B+K > 4A:A > 1A,A: damage 89 if they stay down, 93 if they try to tech out. 4A:A will also ring out greater distances. Knocks opponents further away, so less opportunity for oki as a tradeoff for optimal damage and RO opportunity.

  • 4[ B] high launcher
  • 66B,B > 1A,A - damage 68, same timing as A+B guard burst combo. Cannot be tech rolled.
  • 66B,B > B+K: same tech rules apply

  • 4A+B Yrden float BIG CHART O’ COMBOS (seriously so many combos)
    • A note on tech trap options out of Yrden, some don’t lead to as much extra damage as they could due to the scaling added to Yrden. Still useful to know and test people with or potentially wall/ring out in some cases, but more stable routes will likely remain the most common.
  • 66B+K into
    • 4K,K,B - damage 63, leaves opponents closer for oki, no just frame required. Simple combo if you can’t get the 4A:A juggles down right away.
    • 4A:A > 3B - damage 67, unavoidable by all tech rolls. Good ring out potential. 3B will knock opponents further away to reset neutral.
    • 4A:A > 4B - damage 71 but techable
    • 4A:A > 4A:A - big brain tech traps courtesy of MigJack
    • 6B+K,B - Ring out over short walls if you land Yrden close to one.
  • 66A+B > 66B+K extra meter leads to….
    • 4K,K,B - damage now 78, same oki
    • B+K > bt B+K,B - damage 80 but techable, test people at your own risk. Will catch reckless back techs for a ring out.
    • 4A:A > 4B - damage is 82 catching left and back tech, loses to right. 80 with no tech roll.
    • 4A:A > 4A:A > damage 80 into restand vs all tech roll directions.
  • 66B,A > 66B+K vs opponent’s soul charge into….
    • 4K,K,B - damage 63, the scaling makes it do the same as if you left out the 66B,A. Longer carry for small stages though.
    • 4A:A > 3B - damage 66, appears to be guaranteed.
  • You can combine many of these elements in different order, but the scaling seems to make the 66B,A LH options pretty niche. Will have to see if we find more damage in the future to mitigate the scaling on Yrden.
  • 1A,B CH grounded combo
  • 3B - damage 56, simple ground hit
  • 8A+B, 1A,A - damage 61, 64 if they tech incorrectly. Expensive use of meter, but worth noting in round ending situations. Can also end with 66B+K for more damage, but only against back tech and people staying down.
  • 1A,B Lethal Hit combo (opponent full meter)
  • 66B+K > 4K,K,B - damage 88, no just frame required, close knockdown.
  • 66B+K > 4A:A - damage 90, just frame input, 96 if they try to tech. Guaranteed extra bit of damage if you got the just frame on lock. Knocks down further away.

  • 8A+B Aard ground stun
  • 1A,A - damage 43, or 51 if they try to tech out. Cannot be avoided.
  • B+K: only works if they stay grounded or try to back tech. Bigger damage by a bit, not worth the risk unless they’re consistently being lazy on the ground.
  • 8A+B Aard wall stun
  • 1A,A Damage 41, no extra meter
  • 8A+B, 1A,A Damage 46, not worth the extra meter
  • Soul Charge 8A+B, 3AAAAA Damage 56, 2nd Aard seems to make the 3A land more consistently, especially in close.
  • 4A:A Lethal Hit (opponent in soul charge)
  • B+K > bt B+K > 1B - 103 damage, real witcher damage if you catch someone stepping while they’re in Soul Charge mode. The 1B is required here over the canned B ender since if they tech a certain way the last hit will whiff, while 1B remains consistent.
  • 4A:A CH
  • 8A+B: half a bar cost so only use if they’re near a wall for more hits or as a round ender. Otherwise just take a mixup off the advantage from landing this. They likely will not sidestep 1B in this scenario, so start there and work your way outwards after that. If you wall with this, end with 1A,A for 76, or 66B+K for tech traps, damage varies depending on how they tech. Sometimes 66B+K will bounce the dummy, but it’s likely due to the dummy mashing tech a second time. Sabrewulf visual example.

  • RE A Lethal Hit
  • 4A:A > 1A,A: Will catch all techs for 63 total damage, 60 if they stay grounded.
  • 4A:A > 6B+K,B: Can squeeze out a few more points of damage at 67, but can be avoided by teching right between the two hits.
  • 66B,A Lethal Hit (opponent in soul charge)
  • 66B+K > 6B+K,B > 44B,B - damage 93, ground stun on 6B+K,B due to soul charge status. Keeps opponents close. Need to time the 44B,B a little late to avoid getting 4B.
  • 66B+K > 4A:A > 3B - damage 95, couple points more damage here, just frame required, knock down further away.

  • Back turned B+K
  • B+K > bt B+K,B: Damage 81, guaranteed trooper scooper. Tested against all techs. Can end with bt B+K > 1A,A for 87 but may be techable.