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Just posting to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE.

There is a tournament happening in Toronto on September 24th! Plenty of players will be there and it will be a totally awesome time. Here's the official thread: http://8wayrun.com/threads/sep-24-2011-t12-toronto-fighting-game-championships-toronto-on.7699/

I think I talked to John about it already (you bettah go).

Yan (assuming you check this thread), would you be interested in attending this? Let me know!

Besides that, Fall is approaching quickly and that means HoP SESSIONS GALORE. Gonna be sweeeeet.
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JJ if you didn't get my message on MSN, I am free tomorrow for games. Let me know (on here or MSN) if you DID get my message. I can host starting at 3pm this time, but I will confirm a time once you get one of my messages.
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I'm thinking I should put it off for an hour. I woke up late and still have some stuff to take care of before you get here.

Is 4:00 ok with you?


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Ya sure, we'll just have to stay up extra LATE! mahahaha
By the time your done playing with me you'll be a mindless button masher again.
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Hmm it's been a while since I posted here. But whatevah!

I might be able to host something in the coming months if there is interest, but until then...

Player scouting for SCV begins now!
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