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Discussion in 'The Rest of Americas' started by SCPartisan, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. JJ436

    JJ436 [09] Warrior

    I'm more amazed that I checked this.
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    SCPartisan Holy Moly

    Anyone out there? Don't be shy!
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  2. Ooofmatic

    Ooofmatic World Warrior


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  3. alvin1887

    alvin1887 [05] Battler

    i've heard that some east side london people are picking up the game. i'll get in contact with them after i win their money :]. damn you troy for being so good
  4. Mr.Hai

    Mr.Hai [04] Fighter

    Scrub from London here!

    ... hmm I only know of one alvin in london who owned me in calibur.
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