"Look out world... Cause here come Leixia" online delight


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This is a thread for connecting Leixia players online. :D I didn't see a post on this yet, but if there is I apologize... I'd love to have some mirror matches. And I must say, I'm a bit curious as to how many Leixia players are out there.

PSN: Raspberrigurli
Area: East Coast USA

(I'm not online too often though but I'd still love to get some matches in.)


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i'm on psn.

gakel86 is the name and I'm online at random times, but usually before noon and after 10 or so.


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Uh... PSN: ZeroEffect317 (same as my name here)
East Coast US

Haven't played since before EVO, and probably won't be online till around October.


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hey guys, looking to compare my leixia with others, i got decent fundamentals, but scrubby leixia hehe, add me for some pyrrha practice as well

psn: banes49


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I'm still trying to find a suitable solution to my online problems. I'll start adding once I'm up and running.


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I dont play as often anymore but always down for mirrors

XBL: Zoidberg747
Dallas, Texas

I am also pretty scrubby, I must say XD


XBL: JustinAkatsuki

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Reasons for picking leixia: Dunno.....out of all the chars I use none of them were females So i decided to add a female to my squad, which I chose leixia.


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PSN: baconArchitect/SwiftMilk (Mainly on baconArchitect now)
Location: Northern California

I'm usually online randomly. I'll get on for a few days, then never log on for a week, then go on for a day, then never go on for a month, etc. (Largely in part because of college)
So message me whenever. I would love to meet some talented Leixias and add to my own skill.


[08] Mercenary
XBL: ShiftyEmpress3 (assigned XBL name too lazy to change)
Location: AB, Calgary

Took a break from Soul Calibur for a long time but realized I would like to get better at it as it is quite fun. :D