Madison SCV Tourney #27 TT2 #6 Results 2/23/13


[10] Knight
Fun stuff guys. Just a reminder, please make sure to read the Mahjong Rules I had set forth. It takes a group effort , if we want to be running the mahjong tourney smoothly. I took the time to lay out the points, so let's make sure you are doing your part. No actual Mahjong tounry took place this week, just casuals.

1. Fuzion
2. jimmypikachuchoi
3. iKotomi
4. Phil Bond
5. Outlaw
5. Shadow
7 . Ora
7. Daners Dorks
9. Baka
9. Dr Tom
9. Mynkx

1. jimmypikachuchoi
2. Phil Bond
3. Dr_Tom
4. Fuzion
5. iKotomi
5. Shadow
7. Baka
7. Mynkx

Seungcheol from Korea is here too, so make sure to try and get some casuals in with him. He's really good. Hopefully, he can stay til next wk for our nxt tourney.
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