Madison SCV Tourney #30, TT2 #9, Injustice #3

Should we continue SCV Tourneys now or play SC2HD?

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Thanks to all of you that were able to make it. It was a lot of fun. Even though I won't be running anymore tourneys, I know we will be able to have just as many cool and fun tourneys in the future. We have another very good and experienced tourney runner in our group who has shown he does an excellent job at running smooth tourneys at bigger venues such as our Madison Geek Kon tourneys, so I will present our future tourney organizer for our Madison, SCV Community, CALEB-CHAN!!!!! He will be carrying on the torch, so make sure you are respectful of his rules and the way he runs things in our group. Ok, the important stuff now, RESULTS!!!

Tourney Results:
1. jimmypikachuchoi (Yellow Lantern)
2. Supa (Lobo)
3. Beefy Whale (Black Adam)
4. Strakaman (Flash)
5. Dark Hogosha (Wonder Woman)
5. iKotomi (Batgirl)
7. Phil Bond (DOOM)
7. Shadow (Green Lantern)
9. Metallix
9. Bejack
9. Erica
9. Dr_Tom
13. Ora
13. Jayhawk
13. Pouncer

Soul Calibur 5
1. iKotomi (Pyrrha:sc5pyr1:)
2. Phil Bond (NM:sc5nm1:)
3. jimmypikachuchoi (Alpha:sc5pat1:, DJ, Yoshi:sc2yos2:, Lex:sc5lei1:)
4. Shadow (Ezio:sc5ezi1:, Tira:sc3tir1:, Pat:sc5pat1:)
5. Dr_Tom (Viola:sc5vio1:, Pyrrha:sc5pyr1:)
5. Outlaw (Pat:sc5pat1:)
7. Ora (Pyrrha:sc5pyr1:)
7. Metallix (Raph:sc2rap1:, Omega:sc5pyr1:, Mitsu:sc2mit1:)
9. Strakaman (Maxi:sc2maxi1:)
9. Bejack (Natsu:sc5nat1:)
9. Beefy Whale ()
9. Dark Hogosha ()
13. Jayhawk ()
13. Pouncer (Lex:sc5lei1:)
13. Supa (Omega:sc5pyr1:)
13. Erica (Maxi:sc2maxi1:)

1. jimmypikachuchoi (Xiaoyu/Panda, Eddy/Asuka)
2. Dr_Tom (Lili/Kunimitsu)
3. Phil Bond (DJ/Angel, Panda/Kuma)
4. iKotomi (Lars/Bruce, Xiaoyu/Miharu)
5. Metallix
5. Beefy Whale
7. Dark Hogosha (solo Asuka)
7. Supa
9. Erica
9. Shadow (Bryan/Miguel)
9. Ora (Lili/Asuka)

Some side notes...
Shadow-owes $104 more for SCV Stick + $37 for SCV League fees

Metallix-Finally wins 2 matches to go at least 2-51, you are improving. Get more wins now!!!

Bejack's baby is adorable. The future of Madison's SC community will rest in this little one's hands.

I lost count of how many times someone in the venue said "PIKA PIKACHU"

iKotomi won his first singles SC Tourney in Madison; Congratulations, you have joined the Madison Elite along with these players who have accomplished this during some time in between SC2 to SC5(249 tourneys total plus 4 geek kon tourneys): jimmypikachuchoi, MysticBill, MateoGalvan, Fuzion, Ora, Koichi, Afu, Fafnier, Merp, Jax, King Afro, XCTU, Reldan, esom

Dark Hogosha is unstoppable in TOWERFALL and Mario Kart SNES.

Strakaman is determined to relearn how to play SCV after losing to jimmypikachuchoi's scrubtacular Alpha.

Erica had a virtual wedding to attend to in cyberspace.

Outlaw is a Micro Machine Master

Supa and Beefy whale won DC Comic SQUINKIES!!!

Dr_Tom won 2 Tekken figures Alissa and Hot Jin

Phil Bond won his Astaroth figure and a Tekken figure.

Ora helps jimmypikachuchoi win a bet vs. Jayhawk, by beating Jayhawk. Jayhawk must now buy more stuff from my ebay store. Jay bet that a girl character was weaker than a male character because his brother told him that girls suck. Well, he was proven wrong. Had I lost, I would have had to buy him a soda at Happy Wok...
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