Madison SCVI Tourney #1 Sweet&SourSaturdays 11/10/2018


[10] Knight
Sorry, it's been a while, since I posted anything about our group. My apologies for that. Been busy running our SC, Tekken, SFV, and some other games recently. I usually post things on Facebook now. We had our first Madison SCVI Tourney this week, had some fun matches with ppl, and saw some old familiar faces. Here are the results:

1. jimmypikachuchoi Jimmy Wingleung Choi (:sc1xia1:)
2. Koichi Luke Krause(:sc1ast1:)
3. Phil Bond Caleb Goessling (:sc2nm1:)
4. Afu Jacob aka Nemo Teemo (:sc2mit3:)
5. Keng Thao(:sc4sig1:)
5. Nicolas D. Sanabria(:sc2min3:)
7. Captain Backpack Gary Smith(:sc1yos1:)
7. Outlaw Aaron Smith(:sc2min2:)
9. Faf Carl R Fethiere(:sc2maxi1:)
9. Bananaman Drew DeLaat(:sc2kil2:)
9. Ken Hayes(:sc4sig1:)
9. Shadow Jason Cann(:sc4sig1:)
13. Jackson Mazzone(:sc2nm1:)
13. Exhorresco Justin Denman(:sc2ivy1::sc2ast2:)
13. Isaac Park(:sc4sop1:)
13 Sean (:sc1ast1:)
17. JerriGlintBlank(:sc3tir1:)

1. Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer
2. Alex Isensee
3. JerriGlintBlankJaré J'son
4. Bantler
5. PatrickSleezy
5. Captain BackPack
7. Tanner

1. jimmypikachuchoi
2. BroKen John Paul Flores
3. World ShakingNicolas D. Sanabria
4. JerriGlintBlank
5. Isaac Park
5. Bananaman
7. Keng

Anyone in our group that needs to see our vids, click on this link here; most of the scvi vids were recorded: