Madison SCVI Tourney #4 FINAL STRIKE 9 Results 12/22/2018


[10] Knight
Despite a lower turnout, it was still a pretty good event, considering it was Christmas Weekend. Thanks to all of you that were able to make it and hope to see ya at the next tourney. BTW, our next tournament is gonna be at ten pin again on 01/05/2018.

1. jimmypikachuchoi Jimmy Wingleung Choi (X)
2. Dr_Tom Thomas Atkinson (Talim, 2B)
3. World Shaking (Mina, Voldo)
4. Eriely Isaac Park (Sophie)
5. Phil Bond Caleb Goessling (NM)
5. JD Lotto (Cervantes)
7. Thugish Lake Ishmael Rufus (X)
7. Keith (Mina)
9. Faf (Maxi)
9. SauceySensei (Mina)
9. Sephzilla (Sieg)
9. Hydrophobic Reed Johnson (Zas)
13. Crono (Kilik)
13. JerriGlintBlank (Tira)

1.Better Bryan
2. JerriGlintBlank Jaré J'son
3. Saucey Sensei McCain Henney
4. Keith McCarthy
5. Thugish Lake

1. World Shaking Nicolas D. Sanabria
2. jimmypikachuchoi
3. Eriely Isaac Park
4. Alex Ukropen
5. Thugish Lake
6. JerriGlintBlank

1. Keith McCarthy
2. Sephzilla
3. BetterBryan
4. Daniel Mena
5. Diego

Here are our current standing for our Soul Calibur League:

Soul Calibur6RankWeek4.png
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