[Mar 29, 2013] FINAL ROUND XVI (Atlanta, GA)

Online registration for FR16 is now closed as of 9:00 AM EST on 3/16/2013. If you registered between 3/13/2013 and this morning, your name should show up in the system under "Player Schedule" by 11:59 pm on Sunday 3/17/2013. There was an overwhelming number of registrations - thanks to all of you that chose to register online! It will save us all time and trouble at the event this year!

Emergency onsite registration will be held at the venue on Thursday, 3/28/2013 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm and on Friday, 3/29/2013 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. These are the ONLY times that onsite registration will be available, and we will only take registrations for a game while there is enough availability in the brackets, so the best bet to ensure your entry into an event is to get registered at the door as early as possible!!!
What's the closest hotels around this one by the way? From the looks of it, this hotel is sold out. Any ideas?
What's the closest hotels around this one by the way? From the looks of it, this hotel is sold out. Any ideas?

I have a room reserved at the venue that I'm going to be giving up for G1's suite. The room has a daily rate of 113 (with tax, I believe). When we call to switch, you could switch that room into your name, if you want.
Hello everyone,

I have some very important news to tell you guys before FINAL ROUND 16 is upon you. Thanks to everyone that registered online. As of 11:30 pm EST, all registrations have now been processed in the FR registration system. PLEASE go to the "Player Schedule" link and confirm your information - if your name does not appear, or if there is a mistake, please email BobSmack at webmaster@finalround.org AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as pool creation will be starting this week.

With that being said I have to do something that i've never done before and I will have to issue caps on games to properly plan a schedule for this event. We are going to start the process of making pools this week, so by 3 days before the event we will have preliminary pools posted. Those that haven't registered online will have to register at the door on Thursday March 28 between 5pm-9pm or Friday March 29 between 8am-12noon.

After that there will not be anymore registrations taken at the door, so I advise everyone that didn't register online to try their best to get to the venue on thursday to make sure you have a chance to enter the hypest tournament in the MILKWAY!

The cap means that we think these games are either close to reaching these caps or they will equal those bracket levels once we close emergency door registration:

Ultimate MVC3: 512
Super SF4: AE v2012: 512
Tekken Tag 2: 512
Street Fighter x Tekken: 256
King of Fighters 13: 128
Persona 4 Arena: 128
Mortal Kombat 9: 128
Soul Calibur 5: 128
Dead or Alive 5: 128
Melty Blood AA: 64
Ill try to get you registered on Thursday when I get there. Just give me your info.

Aww Thanks but I will be there by Thursday but I know I will be tired and lazy to do it on thursday that's why I chose friday so I know I can be up and early before the line becomes crazy