Masaya Nakamura, Founder of Namco, Passes Away.

It was made public yesterday by Bandai Namco that Masaya Nakamura had deceased. Without his guidance and vision for Namco, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the greatest fighting game series of all time.

We are very sad to hear of this news and we hope the best for his family and friends. The legend will never die.

If you wish to read more about Masaya Nakamura, then here is a link to his Wikipedia page:

Michael Stabile


This has come to down in history. There were so many ways that this man, Masaya Nakamura, has influenced so many aspects of the gaming industry.
In the early days of gaming, I could never forget about playing PAC-MAN for the Atari 5200, and this was even before I knew about the company name, "Namco". I'm sure some others here have known works that he was involved in before his own name was recognized.
For all who played and enjoyed any Namco game (no matter the genre that game is), we'll all have Masaya Nakamura to thank.
Can someone sent me or give link to the awesome SC3 official art from the thumbnail on the Project Soul Site?????? PLS
I respect the dead mate, I just never seen this pic before, and SC3 is my favourite game. Im not meant to offend someone, really