[May 18, 2013] East Coast Throwdown 5 (Morristown, NJ)


[08] Mercenary
I shat myself when I saw Gamer Bee entering SCV last year.

Yeah. I had to play him in my bracket.

Either way ECT4 was my first major. I actually won my first two matches there. But I have learned a lot more one year later. Can't wait to test out Royal Lance MARK II! LOL


[14] Master
Quick question; there's a pot bonus for soul caliber 5 right?

Not necessarily. If our numbers are the highest (not counting Marvel, AE, or Inhustice) we will get a 1000 dollar bonus. SO GET PEOPLE TO COME OUT TO THIS. 32 PRE REGS IS JUST THE BEGINNING


[14] Master
Okay, question... Does anyone have a PS3 controller converter to Xbox360 that I could borrow for Saturday before I just now realized that Dead or Alive is on the 360 and I've not a 360 controller (nor any experience with one) ;_;


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Apologies for the dual post, but, SweetJohnnyCage, if we did want to do teams, when would it happen? I'm trying to get it organized.


Big Gimpin
So what's pool distribution for walkins going to be like?

Just whichever pools have the least players at the time?