[MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

Discussion in 'United States: Atlantic' started by Kaotical, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. ChaCha

    ChaCha [10] Knight

    who all is coming to C3, i like pie.
  2. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    fuck...i wanna go to C3 so badly.

    Is there ANYONE in SOVA that has a car and is willing to take a trip to C3? I'm sure we can get ppl to chip in for gas. ANYONE????
  3. Fiendchi

    Fiendchi [09] Warrior

    Hey it's Chi~~~~

    I am also willing to go C3...but not sure yet.. I might make it.

    Good game on Monday:)))
  4. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    SOVA Players- I'm thinking about swaggering jacking MD and running weeklies at my college. These weeklies would be free and more about getting people better/used to playing in a competitive setting. Right now I'm just trying to see if there is any interest and whether or not this is even worth the effort. The games we would be playing would be SC4 and maybe DR if enough people are interested.

    For those that don't know the weeklies would be in Williamsburg, which would make it about 20 minutes from Newport News, 40 to an hour from VA beach/Norfolk/Chesapeake.

    Please post up if you would be willing to support something like this.

    I repeat, nothing is set in stone I am just trying to gauge interest right now
  5. Kaotical

    Kaotical [08] Mercenary

    Wow, I'm happy that my thread blew up this big! Last time I checked there was like no activity. I admit I've been busy, but damn. I like the activity and the energy. I'm glad there are consistent weeklies. I haven't been too involved lately due to "life" problems, and I'm sorry but "life" comes first. Yes, SWBeta, I have read your pm's (^_^). I'm glad to see Hudathan on here too...last time I saw him was at my first Otakon (2006, I'm sure he don't remember me).

    So yeah, keep it up people. I'm gonna try my ass off to make this next weekly. SWBeta, pm me with what city you live in and maybe we could arrange something...you live kinda close to me if I remember.
  6. ExMachina

    ExMachina fails the turing test

    Ugh man, I hate being in Charlottesville sometimes... Right in between, so it's 2 hours either to Northern or Southern VA proper. =/

    If you do get solid turnouts for these, I may be able to talk some folks into making the trip down once a month or so, especially since a lot of us have friends at W&M. A lot of the more hardcore FG players are more interested in GG/3s... though I'm hoping exposing them to more competitive play will get them excited about SC.
  7. Moroha

    Moroha [08] Mercenary

    Yall need to hit UMBC weeklies. You fight players like Hudathan, Steve H, Misato, myself, and SWBeta, the trashiest Calibur player on the East Coast. He is FREEEE. SO FREEEE. Won 25 off this motherfucker in a Guilty Gear MM. Wednesdays from 5 to 12!!
  8. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    If you're an hour away from Baltimore, UMBC is your best bet for improving your game. Plus we want to see more people, these guys are catching on to my tricks and I have to work too hard.
  9. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

    You hate because you love. [​IMG]

    I'll win that 25 back from you. After you train me. [​IMG]

    Hud, at least you didn't have to work hard from day 1. That's the hurdle Steve H, myself, and every other NM player face every time we play. Now you can join the 'work 50x harder to win with your character' group as an honorary member. Moroha isn't invited because he uses top tier goodness. [​IMG]
  10. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    Exmachina- Don't you UVA kids just study all day? ;p
    Good to know we have your support. Hopefully these things will take off

  11. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

  12. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    SWBeta: No.
  13. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

    Tiamat, it's cool to hate on your characters. I'd like to discuss why I believe what I do about NM with ya, but not in this thread. My aim is frynostalistic. Hit me up and lets discuss. If I'm online, send a message anyway. I'll respond in a timely fashion.

    Also, sucks for UVA peeps. UMBC is 3 hrs away.
  14. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

  15. Kutsuki

    Kutsuki [01] Neophyte

    hai I'm new

    I play Siegfried with the MD guys (Hudathan etc.)

    I will most likely attend the UMBC weekly and C3 Tournaments.

    I was over Kenji's this weekend, nice metting AkazukinChaCha and the hilde (never got your name :D )

    PM/AIM me if you wish to play, I am easy to find.
  16. Moroha

    Moroha [08] Mercenary

    This. My Cassandra is different from all the others because she has one thing they do not.

  17. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Raph was shit in all the other games. I've been working for many years.
  18. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    kutsuki told me no one really went to C3, right after SB3 so makes sense...don't see any results and I don't think we will
  19. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    man, who do i have to beat to get recognized as top md/va or atleast UMBC player?

    Misato? Beta? Kutsuki?
    Only man who still has my number is Huda, but i havent faced him in weeks, since i've studied up on Raph

    And no disrespect to the 3 names i mentioned, i'm not sayin i rape them but our fights are good

    ANYWAYS, i'll be at c3's, my house will be open to all (millionz and beta have already been here before) and it looks like i'm taking calibur a lil more serious now and i'm ready to play

    and yea, C3 was a bust...eric v and eric kim were tryin to get me to go, i slept instead, they came back to my place and played battle fantasia, said it was more fun than c3 was lol
  20. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Consistency yo. Just keep playing like you did last week and it'll happen in no time. Do good shit, do guaranTEED shit.

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