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Discussion in 'United States: Atlantic' started by Kaotical, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    i dont mean to sound ungrateful or bitchy...bmore gaming scene has always just felt like more of a popularity contest

    i didnt play a single match of calibur at SB3, up until recently, i've had no practice buddies aside from attending UMBC and then, i usually get on just for tournament matches

    i know what i am missing, and thats mostly character experience.

    I need to find out who all is available for games other than UMBC, i've got Beta and Misato+Friends on call here and there. I've been busy with my move to VA but it's calming down now so i can get started on gettin more practice

    ....tho my attention is bein drawn away by playin battle fantasia

    WINBACK Probationary User

    wait what?
  3. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Even though we're all friends first here in bmore, playing skill is still great to have since we all want someone we can genuinely get hyped for, such as Steve Harrison. Everyone likes you and it'd be real cool if you settle down and play one of our games seriously, since Tekken kinda died down.

    Once you get my raph down, you can rest in the comfort of never fighting another one in tournament ever. It's not even like he's bottom tier, people just don't pick him.
  4. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    *cough* *cough*
  5. Moroha

    Moroha [08] Mercenary

    This. Also if you've ever taken any of my bullshit trashtalk super seriously...don't. ;p I don't really understand how we're a popularity contest, that's some DPC west coast marvel shit. I call people out and lol at stuff in GG because A, it's funny, and B, hopefully pushes you to not fuck up on what I called you on (which makes us all better players in the long run). I don't come wednesdays to sit down and talk about frames, I come to see people, laugh at funny shit and play games. The only person I legitimately think is trash is SWBeta, and that's because he is. But yeah, come wednesdays, play games, come to tournaments, place in tournaments. Hang out. PS I need to play your Faust because there's no way around j.HS and I need more ground patience.
  6. Minerva_SC

    Minerva_SC [09] Warrior

    I agree Beta is easily the worst Soul Calibur player to crawl out of Maryland, and after a few more weeks of everyone getting use to his NM he'll crumble under pressure one day and snap on all of us, it'll be a great day. Only reason he even gets past last place is because he always picks fuggin Hilda or Rock or some garbage during casuals so no one will learn his Turtlemare tricks. Guy should stick to turtling in Tekken and even then he's awful, I'd hate to live his life of failures.
  7. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    <3 Millionz

    I don't know about SWBeta in SCIV, but he's not very good in Tekken. I played him once I know what I'm talking about.
  8. Kaotical

    Kaotical [08] Mercenary

    Well, I don't know about Beta's skills, but I assure you he could probably beat me. I'm worse!! Nobody on this thread has seen me play (lol).
  9. Moroha

    Moroha [08] Mercenary

    Kaotical, if you can hold a controller and know how to press a button that will deal damage on press, you are ahead of The Star Winder Beta
  10. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    lol such hate on beta...

    it doesnt look like i'll be able to attend umbc this week, father called me up sayin he has a celebratory dinner and i have to be there, this is around 7, his dinners take forever...if i can get out soon enuff then i might be able to squirm over to there
  11. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

    Man, fuck you all! [​IMG]
    I have half a mind to backfist all of you when I see you next!

    Bart, we don't need these UMBC guys. We can play all the fighting games we want with the VA peeps at your place from now on.

    The backfist in question:
  12. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    well beta, make it over today...i'm tryin to play before 9
  13. illfate

    illfate [08] Mercenary

    Hudathan, Misato, Sifu, Joeshimitsu.
    Who else is all playing from back when we all played SC2
    Solace, Lord Shource, the Astaroth player cant remember his name.

    I gotta get some games with NoVa in the future, I miss the old feuding we had between NovA/SoVA then we had a tourneys and that brought us together.
  14. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    misato and joeshimitsu play over my house occasionally, i'm located in fairfax. Gaming sessions everyday! calibur, tekken, third, battle fantasia, guilty gear
  15. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    who's up for games at my place this weekend? (friday mostly but I'm pretty free this weekend)
  16. illfate

    illfate [08] Mercenary

    As long as no random Halloween party invite gets thrown my way, usually have one at my place but not this year. So i could just avoid the children knocking on the door by playing some calibur lol.
  17. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    fuck halloween...i'd definetly try to get games in instead of dealin with holiday b.s.
  18. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Damn, seeing you and those names you mentioned brings it all back for me. I just saw Blackstar tonight and he mentioned that you still played. Maybe we can all meet halfway at C3 one of these days.
  19. f8tlexception

    f8tlexception [01] Neophyte

    hey perfectsin you still inviting people of to your place for some battles? I live in Fairfax as well.
  20. Perfect_Sin

    Perfect_Sin [08] Mercenary

    ya man, i just got back into town. All gamers welcome

    I'm headin back to baltimore on sunday, so till then...anyone wanna game or just hang out, lookin to make it a fun weekend

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