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Oh he's a cool one alright. He'd swoon a lady or two, but Perlita sadly is those independent types like Hilde. For now, a recreation upgraded to an original. May tweak him later.

Name is Sentinel+Magnum=Sentinum. Inspiration on design is Gundam Epyon. Just no wings since the DJ style fits him well.

Sentinum (1).png
Sentinum (2).png
Sentinum (3).png
Sentinum (4).png
Sentinum (5).png
Sentinum (6).png
Sentinum (7).png
Sentinum (8).png
Sentinum (9).png

Edit: Also an entrant for this contest. Click here.
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I like how seamlessly you managed to blend that bony, organic chestpiece into an overall metallic, manufactured look. The sphere in the middle is a very welcome throwback to the style of ye olde mech anime, as is the scar. I bet this looks killer in action, especially with DJ's flying laser!


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Quick drop-off. Natsu and Mitsu edits. Horus is slightly updated. Decided to dump the helmet for this look. Also might drop him in the best of 8wayrun/VILARCANE's thread. Gonna merge them soon.




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Whereas the new female CAS "Perlita" is supposed to compliment Eirik, but the problem is I go overbroad on females so I'll need help trying to collaborate Eirik to Perlita. The inspiration for this one is based off the Hilde cosplay of fire emblem and I took the ideas from experimental clown Leixia. I added elf ears just for fun. Hope you like.

Remember Perlita? Well, she ain't Italian enough. Instead, I changed her color scheme to be part of Scharzwind. She is Matilda Schneider and she is an elf who unlike Scherazade is very devout to her crew. Did I mention she uses a rapier too?

Matilda Schneider (1).png
Matilda Schneider (2).png
Matilda Schneider (3).png
Matilda Schneider (4).png
Matilda Schneider (5).png
Matilda Schneider (6).png
Matilda Schneider (7).png


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Last is Perlita. A female Roman officer. Nothing special but a quickie.

Perlita (1).png
Perlita (2).png
Perlita (3).png

I really like critique for Fencer Yoshimitsu so he can be part of the finest CAS of 8wayrun. Matilda as well.


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Last is thanks to Fencer Yoshimitsu, I make a new CAS named Sander Jaeger. He's supposed to look as he does here. I may change him up, but he's the only male character(bar Horus) I really like.

Sander Jaeger (1).png
Sander Jaeger (2).png
Sander Jaeger (3).png
Sander Jaeger (4).png
Sander Jaeger (5).png
Sander Jaeger (6).png
Sander Jaeger (7).png


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The other CAS I've made previously, I made again but very few will get attention. Only Alfonso de Garza, Yua Kogure, Sander Jaeger, Mi-sun Yi, Horus, and Fujo matter mostly. The rest I might slap in there as oufits for regular characters, but too lazy to go on a CAS binge making spree.


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First time i see Lynette and Yuna, cute as a button and very good colors and props.

Mi-Sun Yi is stunningly coherent and beautiful, and you picked the right colors (sometimes your color palette is a bit overbright and bland on other CAS, you should try matching colors a bit more and adding more contrast and please avoid those overly zoomed in red flame stickers that really put me off on the fencer).

Yua is also a very good example of elegant and nicely colored CAS...noticed your technique with stickers and bum mapping significantly improved overtime.
My two favourites of this batch, but because i have done the bird version of it, your Horus struck me silly, definitely a winner, especially using the Algol haircut and the chin ornament along with make up and gold touches is what makes it coherent, godlike, and menacing...


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Horus is meant to be menacing as if he were the ancestor of the Devil Gene. Azazel from Tekken 6 was my inspiration for him.

Yua Kogure and Mi-sun Yi had to go through some changes just to come out the way I wanted them to come out.

Luna and Lynette are ideas of Recreations from SC3. Lynette as a character I might as well have every Alexandra wear her design. Luna I might keep and/or use more.

Sander will take some time along with Alfonso and Fujo.

All in all, I've been busy fixing my life up, serving the Lord, and often I get itches to make CAS. This time I kinda went ahead with it. I thank KiraxSummers on this.


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Yua and Mi-sun are lovely as ever. Just out of curiosity, why the name changes? And what kind of personality/back story are you going with them now?

I really like Sander Jaeger. That helmet build is spectacular, and the colors go well together too. Reminds me a bit of Shiva of the East from Dark Souls. I would recommend that you abandon the fencer theme (which you already used anyways) and go full Dark Souls on this one. I would definitely grime up the whole outfit with some patterns. You could also push him towards light armor, which might open more opportunities for stickers. This one has amazing potential.

Rudolph is whack. Kimono Hilde is interesting. I'm not fond of how the stickers stretch out like that, but I understand what you're going for. Possibly a mistletoe theme? Nice Christmas wreathe emblem too.


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Sander I'll try to draw some dark souls ideas into him.

Yua is a Japanese steampunk lass. One that could tinker your machines and bake you a pie. Sassy and tomboyish like Seong Mina, yet ladylike as Aerith of FFVII.

Mi-sun is a Korean outcast ninja. She's a mercenary with good moral standards. Think hilde/lucina personality.

Name changes because I want to. :p


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This is long overdue, but here I am. SCVI CAS. I just got the game, so don't expect much. Thanks to SpellcraftQuill and a few others, I too have a story to tell. The title is Ancient Winds, and I'll make another thread for it. It's a lot to tell, but let's stick to showing off some characters.

Some you remember, some new. Some a bit of both. A fresh new start.

First up, an oldie.

Alfonso de Garza

A pirate of the seas who is all about money, sex, and booze.

Design inspiration came from Jack Sparrow, but it changed. Emeralds is his bling, pink accessories shows his pimp game(which is sad), everything else ties in to how cool he looks....but he's still a joke.
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Next up, is Sabine as many peers call her due to her beauty that's like an elf. Her true name is Caitlin Rose. She's a thief hunter. Someone who steals to live and hunt to survive. She however has dignity and honor which means she's kind of a female Robin Hood.

Design inspiration is obviously Monster Hunter World and Zelda(Specifically Link from breathe of wild).



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Next up, Lance Catcher. I'll have to admit this design turned out nicer than I thought. Lance is an inventor, somewhat otaku, a real boy, a struggler, an overlooked ball of talent. Basically he's every good yet not confident male character in every anime.

His pun everyone says is Lance Catch her. Because he doesn't score a lady. Fear not though, his innocent quirks will get him one.

Design inspirations. Tails, Eggman, and every generic male character in romance anime.