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Discussion in 'The Rest of Americas' started by LUIX, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. LUIX

    LUIX [01] Neophyte

    Any players from(in) Mexico??
  2. el_nan

    el_nan [05] Battler


    I'm from San Juan del Rio, Queretaro. Add me, my GT is elnan14 :)

    (Why are we talking in english?)
  3. GATOR

    GATOR [09] Warrior


    add loloroco... he's a good yoshi player in mexico.
  4. LUIX

    LUIX [01] Neophyte


    yea, i already have lolo in my fiendlist but it seem he doesnt play online anymore, maybe somday i play against him in person :P

    hi Nan, nice to see u here, we write in english cuz in this way anyone in this forum can undesrtand what is written here (if my bad english is clear enough of course lol)
  5. el_nan

    el_nan [05] Battler


    Yes, lolo is an incredible player. The best player i've ever played against ...

    Ok, that really makes sense :P
  6. Yamaki

    Yamaki [08] Mercenary


    Well, do you guys have a community forum in Mexico?

    I'm trying to gather all the SC4 community in Latin America
  7. el_nan

    el_nan [05] Battler


    No, i don't think so. I'm at least not aware of any community forum in Mexico.
  8. Albator

    Albator [10] Knight


    I'm currently in charge of bringing the SC Costa Rica community back from the dead.
    Any plans?
  9. Flyful

    Flyful [08] Mercenary

    I'm from Monterrey, Nuevo León. Hoping to find some people close by. Gogo spanglish! :p
  10. lolo

    lolo [10] Knight

    I guess I never saw this post, hehehe.
    I´m lolo from Mexico D.F. and this is good for the community, if there´s still one.
    Anyway, in Semana Santa we are gathering at my place, so if you want to come, let me know.
  11. B-boyTekken

    B-boyTekken [06] Combatant

  12. Danman

    Danman [09] Warrior

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  13. Triple_G

    Triple_G [01] Neophyte

    I am from Tijuana an i play this game for fun, my main is Amy and i looking to became better with her so any help will be apreciate so feel free to add me.
  14. Ilikeabyss

    Ilikeabyss [01] Neophyte

    what up, im from DF add me if you like
  15. Autherius

    Autherius [08] Mercenary

    Look, this old and dead topic was reborn from the blink of total perdition. Greetings, all of you, Mortals, I am Autherius, beloved Ruler of the Sacred Mexican Empire and mastermind behind the world wide unknown project Mexican Soulcalibur IV Gods.
  16. RS1864

    RS1864 [01] Neophyte

    como puedo saber la id de los player y si son de xbox o ps3?
  17. el_nan

    el_nan [05] Battler

    mmm... está muy chido, agrégame!! aunque el problema es que cuando te encuentro en live nunca quieres jugar conmigo -_-
  18. KasugaH

    KasugaH [03] Disciple

    Hola!!! yo soy de jalisco agregame si quieren, juego en Xbox360, busco partidas amistosas (i'm looking friendly matches).
  19. gerandre

    gerandre [01] Neophyte

    Hello, add me if you want, i'm from Morelia. I would really like to know and play with mexicans. I kinda feel lonely: unfortunately, SC is not that popular here in Mexico unlike other series like KOF :P . Not a pro by any means but i'll do my best.

    Gamertag: gerandre

    Hola, por favor agréguenme , soy de Morelia. me gustaría conocer a más jugadores mexicanos. Suelo sentirme solo ya que no tengo amigos ni conocidos a los que les guste Soul tanto como a mí y por desgracia todo mundo sigue anamorado de KOF y SF en este país. Disto mucho de ser un profesional en el juego, pero quiero pensar que soy un jugador de nivel intermedio.
  20. el_nan

    el_nan [05] Battler

    Agrégame: elnan14
    Somos varios los mexicanos que jugamos en live (relativamente), pero hay buena competencia :)
    Saludos desde Querétaro!

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