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I've always wanted to do some fanart for Soulcalibur, and even more for MIna since she's my favourite. So I thought of sharing it with the community.
I've uploaded two more images showing the process with the pose and some anatomy, for a fellow artist that was looking for advice in another thread.



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Those eyes are intense!
I actually got inspired from the SCVI art by Kawano. I never thought of Mina as a character with an intense glare. But he made it look so cool, I wanted to try the same thing.

Very good.

For a moment there I thought your initial sketch was a 3D model.
Thank you! I made it like that to give an idea of how the volumes would work. =)

Now if you reinvented that image of Hwang holding blushing Mi-Na....
Hahaha, maybe I could charge someone for it. I was thinking on doing some Hwang fanart actually, since I'd like him to be in the game. Even if I never actually play him.