Mina vids?


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All the matches (so far) and my FT5s from the last tourney.



page (Mina) vs Kyper (Raph)

page (Mina) vs Alvin1887 (Apprentice, Voldo)

page (Mina) vs NaizakiNomac (Yoshi)

Thinking on it, it seems obvious that I'm just suffering from not having played enough and not being familiar enough with the matchups, which is more of the same. I've got all the tools that I want, but when I keep whiffing because I haven't worked on my range in ages, or I play against Yoshi and don't block a single low over 8 matches, that stuff catches up with you quick.

Specifically, vs Raph is probably one of my most comfortable matches right now. I know everyone thinks it's skewed, and it might be, but it doesn't bother me. One thing to note: vs blocked 236B it's either 6B+K for little damage + wakes or take the 50/50 with a free side throw. This is a personal preference situation most of the time, and because I'm a gambler I will usually take the 50/50 on that side throw because the damage is very nice.

Vs Voldo I have one thing that really sticks out for me: 3BB. This move really tilts me since I can't punish and the risks are so obscene for not: massive damage, massive SG damage, huge pushout on block. That one move more than any of his others just gets to me.

Vs Yoshi it's pretty obvious this is one where I'm really lacking in experience. I'm just not that comfortable fighting him right now and haven't put the time into seeing his mixups. I don't block ANY of those lows. But I'm still surprised that I took 3 games and made him work for most of the rest.


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I honestly sometimes prefer the ignorant statement(s): "Tiers are for queers" and/or "Match-ups are for fuck-ups."
As long as you know thy limits and overcome them by adapting and reacting towards the situation, you're good to go.
Just my humble thoughts.


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pfft. Who watched vids for anything but entertainment and ideas? Nobody is judging you.

Anyway, I remembered that I had some casuals from a couple weeks back that I was editing and forgot to upload.

Here's the first set, my mina vs franman's zas. He didn't want to use the buttpirate because it was 360 and whatever whatever.

I actually really like playing against Zas, just like I usually enjoy playing against Raph. He's got decent range, but since he fights optimally around mina's tip range that's great, and his whiff punishing at range isn't retarded like nighty or raph. I'm still working on things, so there's probably a lot of stuff that I'm not punishing properly. But they were fun games and I hope that makes it through to the viewing.

Stupid youtube video limits. I tried so hard to cut those last to videos together. I was 15 seconds off!


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Ah yes fun casuals indeed. I'll be checking the Zas vid section for comments.

On another note I was using OOFMATIC's modified PS3 controller for the Xbox 360 but didn't use Cervantes because well itz not my specialized iGDR controller ;P.

I made my controller's d-pad loose so I can execute iGDR better and I torture those d-pads hard enough to make them that way; therefore, I can't really do that to OOF's expensive modified controller.

Jesus if I do that, he'll chase me down the apartment hallway with that huge Soul Edge butcher knife he bought from Ebay.


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its not a match. its a combo video i made, which i initially done to test her wall combos, but then i decided to try and include every well known combo mina has. you could tell it was rushed, and the editing is bad, and the camera angles(sigh) very small number of combos arent even guranteed,. i apologise for that but yeah, i just wanted to fit in with the mina community ^.^. i might post some match ups later on. laters


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Nice guide for Mina ! =D

I Like to play her, she a character you must know very well to play good with.


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insanekhent, thankyou for watching and replying. even though im a little late myself in replying as well. ill be sure to look into the link you gave me(as well as studying your gameplay). i believe i am the only seong mina player that plays competitively in australia. i havnt played against engared, but i do talk to him. i recall telling you over ustream on saturday 23/24th that there are mina players but not in melbourne, which at the time i was playing with a few tournament players in sydney. i hope we impress you as much as you impress us. maybe sometime soon, we'll hook up onto ustream. laters


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Interesting. He seems to be using a few of the things I've been working on, like 6b, fishing for that CH or 6ba, and fishing for mid range 3bs. However using a+b and 33aa a lot doesn't seem like such a great idea.

One thing I want to check on now is what looks like some sort of 44b, 8a+b -> 3b tech trap. I wonder how range specific that is. Though I usually go for a blocked 66/44a+b after 44b, 8a+b, so . . . still worth checking out.


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Page, he said he uses 33AA for evading and stance beater. I think it may be a good idea. Anyway, I have watched your vids. =D


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33A/33AA (suggestion only)
Keep enemy very far (range = after 6AK hit) and use it when you feel enemy wanna running close and attack.
You will find it very powerful.

Concept is equal to Kilik WSB, but in very tip range.


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"As a disclaimer, I've punished a lot of things with 6B+K that I should have with 3B/9B+KBB"

Can you pls tell more about this ?
Which move is better to punish with 3B/9B+KBB instead of 6B+K ?
Is this based on range after you blocked ? Do you have some example ?



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Don't worry too much about missing the 33KB combo Khent, I miss it too for the most part, even though I don't really use 6K (I try for 33KB after a first 33KB manages to land, and I should maybe try it on 44B too).


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Forgot I even had that.

I tend to give them equal time in casuals, but favour Mina against a lot of the matchups I play in tourneys. Not really a conscious decision there.


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Khent: First off I'd like to say I thought you played quite well in those matches. I pump up your Mina to the fullest, and though I rarely post I feel that you've given quite a bit to the Mina community so I'd like to share some of my observations. Take the advice you think may work, discard what you don't like.

Anyway against Cassandra I feel the general rule of thumb is to step to your right when you're mid to far range from her and step to your left when you're in pretty close. Obviously backdash is still important but Cass has quite a few tools to give backdash some trouble. In later matches it seemed that you just got swarmed for several rounds and I really believe that the answer to that is step 6K. I saw quite a few steps when things got tight that may have been more panic induced and may not have been anticipated, but if 6K starts to become your go-to move, you can get some big match-turning damage if you stepped and punished with 6K. I really feel that's the Mina equalizer because it's a high-damage launcher that doesn't require tip at all and is fast enough to punish those whiffed pokes up close. I mean, we all know Mina is going to get attacked and pressured relentlessly, so I believe this move puts serious risk on offensive opponents.

Another juicy thing about 6K is the wakes after the 33K,B combo. I still believe that is the number one find of anything discovered for her and when I play I abuse that combo to the fullest. As Mina players I think we all bitched that she has no just frames, but I consider that her 'just frame' because the combo is very tight on timing to pull off. However, with practice, it is consistent, just as long as she's relatively on-axis. It's very consistent if you step left and 6K someone as opposed to stepping right, as far as I've found.

The other 'just frame' if you will is her 4B+K. I might get lynched for suggesting this, but if your anticipation skills are high then this move is also very dangerous against B dependent opponents. Stepping and whiff or block punishing I feel are primary defensive modes, but 4B+K (and 4K,B for that matter) should be secondary. I also consider those 'just frames', as in the use of these require very strict timing...but if you have the mindset that these moves potentially can parry every single A or B in the game and you get the feel for the late timing of the GI window then these moves are also dangerous for attacking opponents.

Final suggestion is to use more iWR A. That move is a pain in the ass for Cassandra to attack around in her primary range. It avoids many non-lunging mid attacks and it's very difficult to step. The damage isn't there but it can be so annoying that it will set up some big mistakes which can be 3B/6K/iWR K punished. If you want to maximize your iWR try practicing this combo: WR B (tip), iWR A. It's possible, but again the timing is strict.

Other miscellaneous thoughts were to try thinking of using a bit more 7/8A in places where you might be inclined to 4A. That 1K was killing your 4A, but 7/8A owns it. Also, from mid-range, don't be too afraid to duck for a bit. The mids Cass has from that range shouldn't be too hard to stand and block if you're off a bit and Cass got away with a TON of blocked 6B. That move can be stepped and hit with 6K or ducked and punished with iWS K if you're in the mindset. He also got a ton of blocked B,K (K wasn't ducked) on you. Don't be afraid to duck a bit with Mina! She has WR K, one of the best WR moves in the game and the wakes on it are quite solid.

Lastly I did a little field test against Cassandra and maybe as a refresher (perhaps you're rusty on punishing despite your wiki contributions) but here's some things you can do about some of Cassandra's most used attacks (in those fights anyway):

Cass does:

Mid-range 66 A+B; 22 B+K: Stepping right seems more consistent than stepping left to avoid these moves. If you 6K the whiff 33K,B tends to miss so you may have to substitute 3B as your ender.

Mid-range to close FC1B: It can only be punished by FC2A. It also ducks under Mina's 7/8A. Seems easier to step right but can be stepped left also. You can also opt for 7/8B.

6K: Mina gets 6B+K or 6A,K on block. That move should be very dangerous for Cass to use.

2B+K: This ducks under Mina's fastest mids and CH the slower ones, plus it's safe. Luckily it's weak to left step and can also be parried with 4B+K. I expect this to be one of Cassandra's most used moves.

1K: This move absolutely and utterly owns Mina's 4A for free at any time. Ducking Cass blatantly up close is also dangerous, so this move is annoying. Thankfully, it's also quite weak to left step in its primary range and can be 6K whiff punished. Also, 7/8A can be used. On block, WR K.

B+K (single hit, no follow-up B): On block, you get a free K. Not the most useful thing to know, but it may come in handy against people who like to do B,B and then B+K right afterward.

Everything else I thought was pretty spot on, nice gauge pressure and some good setups. But I believe knowing and utilizing some of this stuff might give you an edge next time.

Happy Hunting!