MLG SCV Online Tournament - Presented by PlayStation

Only a few more days left to register for this Ladder/Online Tournament! Once you register, you have till August 30th to play your matches!

Sign up for the Soul Calibur V Ladder Powered by PlayStation for a chance to win $1,500 (First Place.) Major League Gaming Inc. (“Major League Gaming” or “MLG”), which also encompasses “GameBattles”, will conduct this Soul Calibur V Online Tournament Presented By PlayStation® (the “Tournament”) in accordance with these official rules (the “Official Rules”), unless otherwise indicated.

By participating in a Tournament, each participant agrees to abide by these Official Rules and decisions of judges, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Participation requires a PlayStation® 3 console, PlayStation® Network account, a valid MLG user account and a copy of the Soul Calibur V video game for PlayStation® 3.


  • Registration is open from July 27th - August 29th
  • Ladder play is from August 2nd - August 30th
    • Play and win as many matches on the ladder as possible. Remember, the more people playing on the ladder, the better chances you have finding a match. The Ladder Play matches are set up by the players, and played at the time the match is set up for (by the players.)
  • Online Tournament portion of play is from August 31st - September 2nd
    • Up to 32 players will be seeded into the double elimination bracket at the end of the Ladder Play. Players will be seeded according to their rank from the Ladder Play. Remember, you must play AND win at least one match in order to be ranked and eligible for the Online Tournament portion
  • Prizes:
    • The 1st prize winner shall receive: $1,500
    • The 2nd prize winner shall receive: $750
    • The 3rd prize winner shall receive: $500
    • The 4th prize winner shall receive: $250
Get full info and official rules
Online Ladder Standings

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, register for the ladder and start playing for a chance at the $3,000 prize pool!


Dunno where you get this idea about kissing ass from. A lot of you guys act like when someone calls you out that you're being wronged. If you feel like you have something to prove, then that's personal. On the other hand, if you're acting like you've proven something that you haven't, then expect to be called out on it.

Hell, I've probably gotten into something about the game with the good majority of the players that people consider the top players, dating back to when I first started playing in 4 and I still get along with some of those same people.

As for the tournaments, you alienate yourself. If you don't act as if you want to socialize with people, you can't get mad for them taking a hint. Hell, we couldn't find you and ARU the good majority of Raleigh and you two would still be with yourselves within groups.

Life's way harder than someone telling you they'll kick your ass in a video game. But, whatever. If you want to quit on that note, there's always Soltaire and word puzzles.
Look, I believe everyone is entitled to speak their mind, whether it'll offend people or not.. Arguing/debating.. truth is, its politics.. lol. Its because of this I never decide to speak up during matters like these.
...But, there is one thing I had to say here.. and its that I highly disagree with your statement of needing to kiss up to the people in this community to be accepted Kinetic.
MLG at Raleigh was my first Major that I actually became well acquainted with the 8wayrun players. When I went to EVO, my mistake was never introducing myself to anyone else. I recognized various players but never said a damn word. Maybe I just became nervous/intimidated of meeting the players particularly the higher up players. The only person I actually met was Jeuce and some of his friends and I had a blast. The moral of my story with EVO is that it was my OWN damn fault for not introducing myself in the first place and trying to get involved. I told LP and the others at Raleigh that I regretted not meeting them then rather then at Raleigh.

Back to the point though, at Raleigh, it required little to no effort to get along with the people there, this included you. When you get to know them you realize their just your everyday people like me or you.
As the weekend continued, I got to know these people better, I looked at us all and realized that it almost seemed like family.
If you think about it.. its a truly beautiful thing to see how people from all over the world can gather and become such close friends from something as simple as a video game.

Now I don't know if the rest of the community is like the people I met at Raleigh, but I have a good feeling that they are/can be.. I have high hopes for this community. I really do.
Ok, I got confirmation from the official MLG rep that I won this online tournament and that we don't have to play more games to finish the finals. Just for future reference, here is our email thread.


Did you all play a best of 11 yesterday for the SCV tournament? I saw that you all reported you won that match but I need to know if you need another match if you did not play best of 11.

GameBattles Partner Manager

Hey, I've played best of 11 and won 6-2 in the finals.

But we had a question...he beat me in winners finals, so how does this play out? Do we have to play 2 sets of best of 11?


No, if you won the championships, that's it.

GameBattles Partner Manager