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Salphii Wall

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Welcome to the OFFICIAL 8WayRun Montreal Thread! Due to me being very active on the SoulCalibur side and the 1st Montreal thread having to much dead accounts(Update the new venue also is needed), it's a must do!

This thread will be mainly for information & ask\respond to any question posted here. It mean that if you see is Old for like four month doesnt say that we are a dead community, so post something here and you will be sure having a response here.


SoulCalibur II Nintendo GameCube Weekly
Every Tuesday 5PM - 11PM
2000 Avenue Northcliffe, Suite #106, H4A 3K5 Montreal

Versus Gaming Centre
SoulCalibur V PS3 (Coming Soon!) / SoulCalibur II PS3 x NGC (Coming Soon!) / T7 PS4 / GGXR2 PS4 Weekly
Every Thursday 6PM - 11PM30
3713 Boul St-Laurent, Suite 301, H2X 2V7 Montreal

[Active] Players

- Salphii Wall (Brossard, Qc)

PSN: Lewall_
SCV: :sc5lei1:
SCII: :sc2nm2::sc2cas2:

- VII (Montreal, Qc)

PSN: MajorasMaskzz
SCV: :sc5nat1: :sc2mit2:
SCII: :sc1tak1::sc2lnk1::sc2cas1:

(Brossard, Qc)

SCV: :sc5nm1:

- Sand Raven (Montreal, Qc)

PSN: Sand_Raven
SCV: :sc1crv1:

- NaizakiNomac (St-Hubert, Qc)

PSN: NaizakiNomac
XBL: NaizakiNomac
Dolphin: Yes
SCV: :sc2mit2::sc2vol2:
SCII: :sc2mit1:

- Alasdair (Mile End, Qc)

SCII: :sc2yos2::sc2ber4:

- LoneFox (Laval, Qc)

XBL: DMON Lonefox
SCV: :sc5pat1::sc5aon1:
SCII: :sc2sop2:


Facebook Group Montreal Soul Calibur

Welcome to the SoulCalibur V Weekly!
Scrims with the community / Learn Together
Build Friendship / Rivalry
Have Fun & Compete
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