Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)


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Vote goes to @brucege for his excellent and greatly detailed Abyss Watcher and Faraam, well done!
Honorable mentions are @Alexandra's Ms. Pac-Man and @Gatsu's KOS-MOS, amazing work guys!
To be honest, my choice was a last second decision 'cause all of these were great. Congrats to all 3 of you and to the rest who submitted their creations, this was an exciting contest to behold!! :)


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The Zasalamel Challenge!


Since gaining his immortality around 3000 BC, Zasalamel has died and reincarnated countless times, each time in a different form. All different races. Male and female.

Notes: Almost anything is fair game. Even the scythe, since he can use whatever weapon he wants, like Soul Edge or Soul Calibur. The one constant to his appearance is the golden eye. So you can use any Extra Equipment like the apple or crescent to place into his eye. Easy as pie. If you want a formula for this, just message me. Although the requirements are pretty loose, you obviously do want to echo certain parts of his numerous designs to better meet the challenge.

Also 2Ps are fine as long as they are noticeably different in cultural influence or even race :P
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Awesome idea! A proper lore challenge sets some interesting constraints. Can't wait to see what people come up with! I had two kneejerk reactions:

1. Zasalizardman:
In one of his many lives, Zasalamel offered his arcane knowledge to the Fygul Cestemus—who then betrayed him and turned him into a dragon chimera. However, he retained full consciousness thanks to his supernatural eye, becoming an unstoppable reptilian warrior.

Lizard (1).jpg

Lizard (8).jpg
Lizard (5).jpg
Lizard (4).jpg
Lizard (3).jpg
Lizard (6).jpg
Lizard (7).jpg
Lizard (2).jpg
2. The original deathless wizard:
in Algol's SCV stage we see a statue of an ancient warrior wielding Zasalamel's weapon. While there is never a confirmation of who these statues depict, I like to imagine they're guardians as ancient as the deathless king himself, so it may very well be the original Zasalamel. Sometimes this enchanted statue comes to life, imbued with the spirit of the eternal himself.

Stone (2).jpg

Stone (1).jpg
Stone (3).jpg
Stone (4).jpg
Stone (5).jpg
Hope that gets everyone's creative juices flowing!


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I've been on a Megaman X binge lately with the X legacy collection, and right after I finished X4 and read the topic for this next challenge, I had this idea of Zasalamel's next reincarnation ending up taking the form of a reploid within the timeline of MegaMan X. I took different inspirations between many of Sigma's different designs throughout the series and while also including design elements from Zasalamel, this is the result. I give you: reploid maverick Zasalamel, in the year 20XX


"Something's different about this careful Zero!"


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Trivia: Did you know that one of the reincarnations of Zasalamel was actually Gengis Khan?




But doesn't matter the past, what matters is that Zas Will never find a rest, not in the past, not in the present, not in the grimdark future




Spoiler: Or may be its just a robot who thinks is Zasalamel, who knows with these dystopias.