Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)


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Not sure if it's viable (originally made it for elseworlds) for the contest, but Sophitia, worshiper of Palgea


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So we are going "zombieverse" I like that.

Golem Gr0th (just in case he wasn't edgy enough already)




Lizardtia. The idea is that instead just popping out as a lizardman is a gradual transformation and therefore there are still human skin shed as the lizard self burst from the inside





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The use of the ripped bodysuit to simulate scales under a layer of skin peeling off is very clever!


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Oh shit, the entries on this one look even better than the Zas contest, I'm gonna have a hard time voting for sure! :)
By the way, yes I know I'm late but gotta say, @Fatal_Exodus's young Zas was...yikes, I was awed when I saw it, it looked SO great, loved it!!
Sucks that I wasn't able to vote but ,great work as always friend! :D


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Actually made the deadline! These threads are great, they get the wheels turning and this was a really rich, interesting theme. The designs have been very creative!

These were modified from a malfested trio I made earlier:

Oni Mitsurugi

Onimitsu Critical small.png

Behemoth Zasalamel

Zasamoth critical small.png


Ivy Striga

IvyStriga critical small.png



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@SpellcraftQuill Cheers, you could very well be right lol. To be honest the nuance between the two is maybe a little lost on me. I know Asta's a big zombie and Nightmare's something...else. I just never saw the distinction as being that big. I saw "creative liberties" and "monstrous body" and thought, "well I know that much" and had the 3 malfested ready to be tweaked. If they're deemed too far removed from the theme, I'll remove them and maybe reup them if there's time. This wouldn't be the first time that's happened either, so it's really no big deal.

Thanks again for the kind words!


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I just wish the weapons could use more textures on the blades if only to use that leathery or crystalline one for Edge and Calibur respectively.

And I still don’t get why Cervantes didn’t get a mutated arm. Or why NM is blue when he was red as Siegfried!.


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It looked off in Siegfried’s ending where he was fleshy to match the sword. And the armor seems to be retconned regardless since Oprah didn’t get any.

By the way, good challenge requiring skill with the engine.


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As much as I love my boy Fliptop, Onyyx's Nightmare Lizardman is the only one that felt right to me, sorry other entries. (Not saying they weren't GOOD ofc)