My SCVI CaS gallery (2p/3p/4p costumes) (originals and SoulCalibur legacy characters)


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Hello my friends, how are you? With the recent update for Soul Calibur VI and with Cassandra's entry in the roster, I created some costumes for Cassandra! Her 2p costume is SCIV Cassandra, her 3p costume is actually the CaS Cassandra who I created for SCVI and her 4p costume is based on her SCIII 2p costume!

93. Cassandra 2p (SCIV classic Cassandra)
cassandra 2p.jpg

94. Cassandra 3p (My CaS Cassandra for SCVI)
cassandra 3p.jpg

95. Cassandra 4p (A recreation which is based on her SCIII 2p costume)
cassandra 4p.jpg
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You did very nice and beautiful Cassandra outfits!!!!! Her 3p and 4p are so well-created with a good sense of colours!!!!
Well done one more time Kostas!!! :)


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Hello my friends! Here's a small update to Cassandra's 4p costume. I removed the cut-off pantyhose and I corrected the colors tune of her outfit!

Cassandra 4p (updated)
cassandra 4p.jpg


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Hello my friends, today I'll show you the "final" update version of my Ivy's 4p costume! I realised that the Seraph Equipment for Ivy was too much for her, so I created a more femine, elegant and "Ivyish" costume for her. I also replaced her picture in page 12 of my thread. I hope you'll like it. Enjoy!

Ivy 4p (final update)
ivy 4p.jpg