Namco-Bandai Announces Amy for Next DLC

It's been a while since the last DLC character was released, but earlier today, at EVO Japan, Okubo revealed the character trailer for Amy. We don't have anymore information, such as release dates, or what character creation pieces will be included with the release. All we know is: "coming soon". We will update this post as more information is available.



Jason Axelrod


She always have been, and for a good reason: RAPHAEL IS HER TEACHER
She shares Raphael's moveset with soem minor and some major changes, and always has been.
My point exactly.
I think they should prioritise characters with unique styles over characters which have similar styles as someone else.
Personally I don’t consider Amy a copycat, with her style being changed to so balletic in comparison, as well as increasing in rushdown (just as Cass’ had in level-ups from Sophitia, which is why some fans really are still a tad idiotic — but not for preferences of others, just for not paying so much attention). I certainly hadn’t been looking much for the first twenty times, because I love Amy’s character as a dancer, until I was told she was becoming more Xianghua-ish, which took me some time to catch.
However, she is not “the same”. She looks the most increasingly differentiated at this point in comparison to the other times seen. Sure, the weapon is a rapier, but hell, near everyone has “a sword” — I’m sure you’ll be fine.