Namco unveils Ivy and Zasalamel for SC6!

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By Jaxel on Feb 22, 2018 at 9:47 AM
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    As of this morning, two more characters have been revealed for SOULCALIBUR VI! Firstly, surprising no one, Ivy makes her return to the series after becoming a staple since SC1. But in addition to Ivy, Namco has revealed a return for Zasalamel. Zasalamel first appeared in SC3, but was previously absent from SC5.

    SOULCALIBUR VI - Ivy Character Reveal | PS4, X1, PC
    SOULCALIBUR VI - Zasalamel Character Reveal | PS4, X1, PC

    ivy.jpg zasalamel.jpg

    ivy_ce_17_20180213_1519145117.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_3_20180213_1519145118.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_10_20180213_1519145119.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_14_20180213_1519145120.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_24_20180213_1519145122.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_28_20180213_1519145123.jpg ivy_critical_edge01_20180213_1519145124.jpg ivy_g_3_20180213_1519145125.jpg ivy_h_2_20180213_1519145126.jpg ivy_h_3_20180213_1519145127.jpg ivy_h_4_20180213_1519145128.jpg ivy_s_2_20180213_1519145129.jpg ivy_sc_5_20180213_1519145130.jpg ivy_t_4_20180213_1519145132.jpg ivy_t_5_20180213_1519145133.jpg ivy_t_8_20180213_1519145134.jpg ivy_t_10_20180213_1519145135.jpg ivy_t_11_20180213_1519145136.jpg ivy_t_12_20180213_1519145137.jpg ivy_t_13_20180213_1519145138.jpg ivy_t_14_20180213_1519145139.jpg ivy_t_17_20180213_1519145140.jpg ivy_t_18_20180213_1519145141.jpg ivy_t_21_20180213_1519145142.jpg ivy_t_22_20180213_1519145143.jpg ivy_to_5_20180213_1519145145.jpg zasalamel_critical_edge01_1_20180213_1519145146.jpg zasalamel_critical_edge01_4_20180213_1519145147.jpg zasalamel_critical_edge01_11_20180213_1519145149.jpg zasalamel_critical_edge01_14_20180213_1519145150.jpg zasalamel_h_5_20180213_1519145151.jpg zasalamel_h_6_20180213_1519145152.jpg zasalamel_h_9_20180213_1519145154.jpg zasalamel_s_5_20180213_1519145155.jpg zasalamel_s_7_20180213_1519145156.jpg zasalamel_s_9_20180213_1519145157.jpg zasalamel_s_10_20180213_1519145159.jpg zasalamel_sc_13_20180213_1519145160.jpg zasalamel_t_0_20180213_1519145162.jpg zasalamel_t_2_20180213_1519145163.jpg zasalamel_t_5_20180213_1519145164.jpg zasalamel_t_6_20180213_1519145166.jpg zasalamel_t_8_20180213_1519145167.jpg
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Feb 22, 2018.

    1. Soul
      Didn't think we'd get a reveal trailer this month, but i'm glad we did!

      Finally, one of my mains is revealed! :sc1ivy1: I love everything about her, from the costume, to the playstyle , and her CE, which i'm sooo glad isn't a grab! I need more gameplay, ASAP! Gotta see what CS is like this time around! :D

      Great to see Zasalamel back too!:sc3zas1: Never mained him, but i enjoy him as a character & playstyle. It's pretty badass how he can stop time. *-* His SC seems to draw the opponent in, as opposed to pushing them back, which is pretty interesting. His new design is pretty cool, but i really dislike that pointy shoulder armor.

      I'm pretty shocked we still didn't get Taki. Waiting one more month is gonna be hell, i really hope they reveal her soon.
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    2. ColColton
      Never mained any of them but always liked Ivy's character and style and definitely want to give her a go this time around!

      Zas looks awesome, his style looks great! Probably won't use him but I appreciate how he is in this game.

      Shaping up to be amazing.
    3. Frayhua
      I think she might be revealed with Cervy next month.
    4. Nyte
      HOLY TITS, err I mean SHIT!

      Now all I need is Taki, please let the next reveal be Taki!
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    5. Vulcan422
      So many characters to rediscover already and now they're bringing my boy Zasalamel back.

      I'm gonna have so much fun in the lab when this comes out.
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    6. Waltzz92
      Yay, Zasalamel!
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    7. Himiteshu
      My 2 favourite characters unveiled? I'm buying the game!!!!
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    8. HogisGuy
      Really liking Zasals "ZE WURDO!!" moves.
      Last edited: Feb 22, 2018
    9. Ramus
      Did anyone clock neither Sophie or X were used as dummies? I wonder if we might get more reveals soon as trailers tend to not use the same dummies,tho it is a pretty big reach lol.

      Anyways, this was certainly a hype bomb!
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    10. Violent Vodka
      Violent Vodka
      Ivy is absolutely jawdropping. She looks AMAZING!

      Also no one mentioned the new stage, but it looks really nice!
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    11. Fatal_Exodus
      What a wonderful thing to wake up to <3
    12. patriots1112
      :sc2vol3:voldos whipping girl is back:sc2vol2:
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    13. WuHT
      Wow! both of the most magically empowered soul calibur characters revealed on the same day!
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    14. Eli123s
    15. Mach5Mike
      I expected to see Ivy, but not Zasalamel, so nice to see that cool-looking scythe style again, what a great surprise to wake up to :D

      Also, something about that new stage looks familiar. Is it a remake of Lost Cathedral from Soulcalibur III?
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    16. Himiteshu
      Lost Cathedral was outdoor stage and this one is indoor, more like a church and it is at night
    17. Ian
      I like Ivy but that costume is laughably bad just from a design standpoint. Her SCV costumes had a lot more visual texture to them.
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    18. Crash X
      Crash X
      I had a feeling that Ivy was going to be revealed this month (probably because February having all the Valentine’s Day stuff) though Zas being in the trailer definitely surprised me. At least it’s a good surprise.
    19. damn-I-Suck
      This is going in a great direction. Ivy was obvious but zas is a very welcome surprise
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