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By Xeph on May 26, 2015 at 1:22 PM
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    NECXVI is an event/tournament hosted by none other than the legendary Eric "Big E" Small. For those who don't know, Northeast Championships (NEC) is arguably the most consistent, prominent tournament that Soul Calibur has. The event itself is hosted in Philadelphia, PA and will be taking place December 4th, 5th, and 6th.

    Of course Big E does feature Soul Calibur as a main game at his other events (Summer Jam, East Coast Throwdown, Winter Brawl). Though, the community of Soul Calibur has enforced the notion of Northeast Championship to being a "main event" in terms of tournament and attendance.

    This year is definitely no different. Big E is showing his support for Soul Calibur as a main title in it's line-up. Along with a promise of a 500$ pot bonus. Fortunately for us, this type of support is customary of Big E (hence why this man is so legendary). All this being said, a few competitors well known in the Soul Calibur community have take it upon themselves to show their dedication, love and support for the game by adding their own donations towards the pot. Here's the listing...

    Big E: 500$
    Xephukai: 500$
    Hawkeye : 200$
    LostProvidence 100$ (already donated)
    Greatone1939: 100$
    OmegaDR: 100$

    NECXVI, thanks to Big E and the help from player's listed above, is pulling in a total of 1500$ for a pot bonus!

    To add more incentive, Big E has also stated that if a total number of 128 player's register via NECXVI, he will add an additional 500$ towards the pot! However, I did speak to him moments before I began this article, and Big E also states that there have been 50$ pledges from other members.

    I personally want to thank @eric for showing our community love. Also want to thank the player's donating towards the game and the community. The support is nothing short of admirable. I want to also thank the community as a whole for making the scene for the game what it is today.

    If you're new, old, casual, or competitive, then please make efforts towards going to NECXVI and making this event explode! Any questions you readers have feel free to shoot me a private message. Also, Big E also says if you want to be part of this collective, and help support the communiy by donating to NECXVI's pot bonus for Soul Calibur, feel free to get in contact with @eric

    As you can see, the "the soul still burns" in our community.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Xeph, May 26, 2015.

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