[New York City, NY] Afraid of a Little Fire????


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Who lives in the Vicinity of Long Island? I'll be in there this weekend Fri-Sun. Mostly Free Sunday and maybe a bit of Saturday. Send me a text if you have free international text. 1-416-871-3665

I'll keep checking out this thread. If there is a local gathering spot please post address. Thank You, hope to play some of you guys soon.


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I session Pretty much everyday, if you want to session and grind come here before i start work (job searching) i have 6 tv's so you won't worry about lag , i also have sticks, if you play pad bring it and i have SCV for both systems.

Max also sessions, if you want to go there to get games in , you can head there with me, pm me for more info.


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For whoever is interested.
I'm down to play after work 12 pm.
I can host, if you dont want to travel and can host I dont mind the commute.
Lemme know.


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Games for tonight?
As you guys know I work nights, so I wont be out till 11:30-12:00-ish.
But I'm down to travel or host if anybody else is.

I wanna thank Sha (mgvfinest) and the crew for coming over last night. Intense games.


Apex 2013 is here REGISTER EVERYONE!
Going to be playing at my friends house in the bronx. Gonna learn some new tricks and pick a main finally.