Nightmare's JF agA


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NM AGA study

A on F0, A+G on F1 gives throw
A on F0-1, A+G on F2 gives G-cancelled A

JF version
(numbers refer to input frame for A,G,A respectively, with notes where this format does not apply)

0,1,2 --> "Relinquish 42 dmg 52 dmg on clean hit
0,2,3 --> "Relinquish 42 dmg 52 dmg on clean hit
0,1,2 = A+G on F2 --> Relinquish 42 dmg

Standard version
0,2,4 --> 32 dmg
0,8,9 --> 32 dmg
0,8,16 --> 32 dmg
0,8-15,16 --> 32 dmg
0,8-15,16 = A+G on F16 --> 32 dmg
0-7,8-15,16 = A+G on F16 --> 32 dmg
0-7A,8-14A+G,15G,16A --> 32 dmg

Other incorrect methods
0,1,3 --> standing A
0,1,4 etc. --> standing A
0,1,3 = A+G on F3 --> throw
0,1-2,3 = A+G on F3 --> flinch (G-cancelled A)


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Also, as to why the frame timing for standard AgA is as it is, F8 is the final frame where you can G-cancel a standard A. Any later than that an you get standing A.


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So its possible for NM to get iagA using just two inputs if you use an A+G shortcut?
I think for the notes that say A+G on F*, it means that what was inputted was A, G, A+G. On default control scheme for pad I can get iagA by sliding my thumb from X to A and then hitting right bumper which is set to A+B by default. This is actually a pretty bad habit because when I botch the input I'll whiff A+B at range. Anyways, point is that you can do agA by doing agA+B, agA+K, agA+G, and/or agA+B+K as far as I know.


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That makes more sense, but I've gotten iagA with the input reading as agA+G from a buffer, but I can never get it from a neutral stance unless I use two hands and the input reads as agA.


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I use stick as well. In order for me too get iaga I use both hands. It takes along while too get use too it but its the only way without setting 3 buttons A G A and slide it. Using both hands is very efficient once you build the muscle memory. I used the sound of the button clicking too build a rhythm as too what a correct iaga sounded like when playing.


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For those of you who want to do this on stick. Map a+b+k to your standard B on xbox or O on ps. Then just slide input your a~g with index finger and have your middle finger hit the mapped a+b+g button. I'll make a video of this soon.


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My stick's B button is the third button from the left on the top row, but judging by how he described the method, I'm assuming he's talking about the following layout found on most madcatz sticks:



It always blow my mind when I come here and see that someone made another post about this move. NM has a lot more interesting stuff going on.