Nightmare's JF agA


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The JF continues to be random for me. Which part should be quick? The slide or from the G to A
The whole thing. It needs to be a clean 3 frame input. If it's random you're most likely buffering it. In training make sure your input says "A G A" and not "A G A+G" or the like.

Edit: Don't do it too fast though, if you do the game will think you're buffering the "gA" and you'll get a single A or a twitch. It sometimes thinks you're just buffering G and you'll get AA.


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I don't know about any of that. The last button I use in the series is actually my A+B+K macro, I don't get a twitch or single A unless I fuck the whole thing up. And when that happens, I feel the failure in my finger. Might be different on alternate button layouts. Dunno. I go the easy route taking full advantage of the 8 button stick. Can't help anyone on a pad.

Also, the only way I get the just frame is if I input it as fast as I possibly can. To the point that if I do four or five in quick succession, the tip of my index finger gets hot from friction. That's how real men play.


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Ahhh I remember those days when I could not get JF aga. For me I get 95% of the time. I only mess up when I try to buffer it. You have to slide your finger from a to g and make sure you do not hold g. Now the last a is what gets you the JF. The movements just have to be clean. You don't even have to do it that quick unless you are going for strict timing combos. I will post a vid. And I use controller.


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I think the JF version is i15, while the regular version is i17, plus I know the JF has more damage as well. For me it's completely random whether or not I get this move, but thankfully I don't really care about it. I've already wasted hours of my life in training mode trying to get this down, I'm not wasting any more, especially when that time could be better spent learning match-ups and other shit like that.

The easy JF for me is NSS B:A. I didn't even practice the JF AT ALL and it just started coming out naturally and then the timing became muscle memory. The added benefit from this JF I think is more helpful than the Aga JF.

Execution is the reason why I don't play over half the cast :)


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Jesus christ it took me forever to get down his JF aga :/ same deal with siegfried. Still have trouble telling who's JF AG:A is better? Maybe there both equal


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Siegfried's agA is better in general because its much safer on whiff, other than that their application and use are very similar.
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