Nightmare's Top Ten Moves


[08] Mercenary
Hey guys,
I love soul arenas that have Top Ten Move lists, so we should make one for NM! If you could, please give reasons to why each move makes it into your top 10.. I don't feel qualified yet to do it so i won't lol.

In no particular order...

1) 3AA
2) 1K
3) A+B
4) agA
5) 4KK
6) 1A
7) GS B
8) CE
9) 22_88B
10) 6A

I'm sure I missed a lot because i'm a scrub, sue me :)


[08] Mercenary
I like to use agA instead of 6A the damage is more. And if they block you are safe from retaliation and can usually catch your opponent with a follow up 6A. And 1K I feel is a very good move against faster characters it can take them out of there combos. It also is a very quick low that is pretty safe on hit and will force an opponent to stay honest on low guards.


[08] Mercenary
I wouldn't say GSK BE is one of his best moves, mostly because i see it as more of a combo ender than a standalone move, but that's just my personal opinion. It's still a good move though.

As to the list, I'd get rid of A+B in favor of Crouching 3B, It's good for interrupting, and I've turned alot of matches around by getting off the ground into it and not letting my opponent get back up afterwards.


[09] Warrior
In no order
-44B because of the meter building, from the 44B NSS A+B 2A+B
-1A Great for downed opponents. Safe if they block it and helps guard bursting tactics
-33_99B is my personal favorite [since SCIII this has been my favorite move of anyone's move list]. Fast, launches, Good amount of damage. Scrubs everywhere rely on it [moves scrubs use are usually pretty good moves. Like Ken's fierce DP in streetfighter]. Does amazing Guard burst damage. Set's up many combo options when it hits.
-GS [insert attack]. B sets up good combos [like GSB GSB GSKBE 1A], if far enough away can trick opponent into attacking a GSA [with GI properties on it]. GSK is great for ring outs [not as good as it used to be though... :(]
-agA Safe on block, quick, does a lot of Guard burst
-1K good for faster characters. Spamable if someone wants to keep doing the same shit.
-from NSS bA. Very fast
-A2AA Good for RO and good for mind games when you shorten it and restart it. [I like to use A2A stop, then some other high attack and then A2AA when I don't think they'll expect the last hit.]
-3A 2A_A [good for ring outs with 3AA and catching people off guard when they get used to it with 3A2A]
-22_88B Part of my paper, rock, scissors equation for the start of the match [which is 22_88B, 3B GSS, 22_88AA, and 1B, sometimes 1K. Great for getting the first hit when all options are combined in a guessing game]


[08] Mercenary
Referencing my use of there and saying it effects my argument on using it or not is like me saying you can't beat me cuz you don't have a cool NM avatar


[10] Knight
Are you really able to play without 3B guys ?

2)a: g:A

Not far to be in : BB/44B/66A/66B/22B/3K/throws
Very hard to choose, this character has a lot of interesting and reliable tools.
I didn't put any stance move purposely. But all GS move deserve to be in.


[08] Mercenary
Referencing my use of there and saying it effects my argument on using it or not is like me saying you can't beat me cuz you don't have a cool NM avatar
all youre proving is that youre stupid AND autistic! "cool" NM avatar, his worst design of the series that ended up getting most of PS fired and replaced

GSK BE is a great move, I'd like some of what you're smoking please


[08] Mercenary
Its not a good move for opening attack and you completely miss understood what I said about saving it for a combo. And you don't show any intellect by attacking an individual over the internet. Would you have preferred the term amazing awesome or pretty instead of cool. I will no long waste my time with you and direct my energy to improving the information about NM on these forums.


[10] Knight
Can you explain your reasoning for 22AA and 22K? I haven't found them that useful yet, but I might be missing something.
22AA : zoning/spacing tool. Mid, antiside, amazing range, NCC for nice damage. It's possible to confirm the counter hit and to stay safe with the cancel. One of my favorite zoning move.

22K : as whiff punisher. On hit 4KKBE connect for 100 damage, and 4KK can give ring out and wall splat opportunities from very far.


[08] Mercenary
1. ag:A
2. 44A
3. 1(A)
4. 22_88B
5. 66K
6. 2K
7. WR B
9. 66B+K
10. 6A - always a good punish if you can't do ag:A, but I would go with 66B

I hate 3AA, it's too punishable even for Nightmare.


[08] Mercenary
I hate 3AA, it's too punishable even for Nightmare.
I like it at the start of a round, when most opponents are either making their own attack (giving me a CH) or stepping back (giving me a safe wiff). It's a decent opener. I like 6A more, but that hits high while 3AA hits mid so I usually go with the mid.

Otherwise... yeah that first hit has something around -20 frames on guard. Super unsafe.