[North Jersey] Anyone still alive?

Love to have some SC5 tournaments that are X360 and somewhere close to Jersey. Doesn't look likely though.
if i can have a venue ill do it. our best bet for now is to show up at gameon and tell them you want to play soulcalibur. they'll do it but it will be on ps3. thats the best option i think we have right now but im not going to be able to go until after i finish this semester.

also join this group on fb


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[Apr 26, 2012] Local Battles - Salty Battles Weekly (Fort Lee, NJ)

If you guys want to continue having weeklies for Soulcalibur, this is probably the LAST CANCE we have for consistent weeklies, so you guys better show up! I know for a fact a lot of you people are available on Thursday nights, since you all head to Sporko's... head to Local Battles instead and show your support for Soulcalibur!
Salty battles was pretty great this week. We had 6 people and did a round robin. KDZ won with astaroth after lord savior claimed he was low tier. Looks like we will have more people next week.
Yo I'm from Bergen County. I'm tired of lag online so Im looking for the local scene. I'm looking for some place relatively close. My psn is jswimmer2010 if you want to add me. I main Pat.