[Oct 12, 2013] Midland Warfare [$300 SCV Pot Bonus +extras] (Lincoln, NE)


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October 11th-13th

Holiday Inn Lincoln Airport
1101 West Commerce Way
Lincoln NE 68521

$20 for Soulcalibur V
$10 for all other games

$300 pot bonus w/ the pot paying out 70-20-10 to the top 3 of the singles tournament for SCV.
Pot based payout of 60/30/10 for all other games.

The event is within a Holiday Inn if you're looking for a room. If I can get 3+ people interested in getting rooms I can setup a block for discounted rates. Food is a bit sparse in the immediate area but Downtown Lincoln is about a mile away for all you could ask for.

Stream provided by IrocktheMaxi.

Soulcalibur V will be the main event of Midland Warfare with high level play with well known players, healthy pot, multiple forms of tournaments for it, and a stream to put it all together.
Saturday October 12th:
12pm Casuals and Check-Ins
3pm Soulcalibur II Singles Tournament
3pm Soulcalibur V Singles Tournament
6pm Soulcalibur II Top 8
7pm Soulcalibur V Top 8
(Upon Completion of Pools): Soulcalibur V 3v3 Team Tournament

Sunday October 13th:
12pm Casuals and Check-Ins
2pm KOFXIII begins
2pm Street Fighter AE 2012 begins
4pm Tekken Tag Tournament 2 begins
4pm Injustice Gods Among Us begins

Soulcalibur V, KoFXIII, Tag 2 and Injustice will all be played on Playstation 3. AE will be played on 360. We are asking that anyone with a system and monitor bring it out for use for casuals and/or tournament play.

Ruleset for SCV is standard as per 8wayrun.
The 3v3 tournament will be drawn at random to matchup three players from the singles entrants and follow SBO team tournament rules.

For any other information, feel free to ask questions in this thread or even send me a message on here. If you are planning on coming PLEASE rsvp so we can get an accurate idea on what the numbers will end up being for this.

Facebook event for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/142098905993778/
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A few notes: if you fly into Omaha let us know in as much of advance as possible so we can make proper arrangements to pick you up.

Soulcalibur DC, and Soulcalibur IV will both have casuals stations and SCIV may possibly have a singles tournament on Sunday. The Edge master only tournament is in limbo trying to fit it in, but it still is a possibility. I will update when the schedule is final.
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IRM has confirmed he will not only be here, but will also be streaming the tournament.

The Edgemaster tournament has been dropped in favor of a Soulcalibur II tournament as well. I'll keep you updated on any other changes as they happen.
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Added a mystery game tournament for the final event. This is nearing a month away, so get hype.
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My total time in practice mode of 30 minutes in the past year means I'll be taking this. A true prequel to NEC.
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