Official 8WR Match of the Year 2010 Winners!

Well, the community has spoken. After very narrowly beating out Woahhzz(USA) vs Malek(FR) by just 2 votes;

The winners of the 8WR Match of the Year are Belial and Rufus of Russia!

Congratulations to both of you. Thank you guys for not only entertaining and teaching us, but for showing everybody what can be done in SC4 at its highest possible level, even with money on the line!

If you missed it, be sure and check out this awesome set! Also, you can watch the other finalist matches here.

Until next year, keep practicing everybody. Lets see how much we can improve once again and make 2011 a year full of amazing match-ups!


That just goes to show how beastly Belial is. Like I said, if I remember right he was way out of practice with Mitsu at the time of this match and still put on a very entertaining match.
Congrats.... or rather, great job, Belial. It is a pleasure to see a Mitsurugi match chosen as match of the year; you've been my number one help ever since I first picked this game up and started with Mitsurugi. Hope we get to meet one day and get some games in; and also, good job to Rufus as well for playing a very, very solid Taki.
Wow! im mesmerised! That was a solid game from both players, I quite like the way Belial has mastered Mitsu to an almost Zen level, great job man!
Mack: Haha thank you, but actually its true what greatone said - I was somwhat rusty atm. You should have seen my earlier videos ^_^