Old Man's Wisdom: Mitsurugi Combos


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dude this is a combo thread. relax lol
Relax?....lol. There was nothing stressful about my comment. We are talking about the repercussions of i236B in making mitsu combos broken.. Last time I checked nothing to relax about.


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We are talking about the repercussions of i236B in making mitsu combos broken..

high dmg... it comes with the territory. it's called technology lol

You get 100 with Clean Hit, I think. I'm pretty sure I've seen it, anyway.

most likely on CH 3B.

anyway, the combo is hard enough to do under pressure, and takes practice. also, Mitsu should be good in SC. he's supposed to embody a certain successful playstyle, after all.


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Sorry for not clarifiying, you get a little over 100 Damage on CH and with a Clean Hit on 3B ~ i236 ~ 1B

You could even get this damage by landing a successful MST A+B, then do the 3B combo.


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The glitch has been patched.
Console/region? I'm in Texas on the 360 and I can still do it fine. No patch download. Also no mention of a patch on the front page, and no patch notes announced ahead of time like before.

...you sure?


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It has been patched indeed.

Here's the weird thing, how they fixed it. Do 236B BE, but hold B after you input A+B+K. The slow version comes out even though you spent the meter!

Ha ha.

... Back to 56 damage + oki, then...


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Its been fun with that glitch, ha! Wb old Mitsu.
i'm kind of relieved about the patch because buffering and executing the glitch was distracting and now i don't have to worry about other people doing it to me. in the world tournament, using the glitch hurt me more than helped me because i was always thinking about how to land an unsafe 3b.

also, this will separate the bandwagon mitsus from the hardcore ones.


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It'll raise Mitsus damage nicely, sure, but it's not gonna make Mitsu dominate every single major or anything.

People finding shit like this and then finding ways to counter it is one of the things that made fighters intresting in the first place. How about you just hit practice mode and...idk. See if other chars can do the same with some of their BE moves? I dont see any real reason why this would be just limited to just Mitsus 236b BE

That said they'll probably patch it at some point anyway so whatever...

patched....:) And stuff like that could be broken in the right hands. And i saw RTD doing this glitch last week at soulcal5 world torunament.


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Don't think it combos

Hm I tested lastnight pretty sure it did... I had tech right on maybe it can be teched left? duno didnt even look like the computer had a chance to tech at all before it hit....

I found a number of interesting things lastnight.... 4b being able to be used as a tech trap is one of them! LOL which is pretty ridiculous...