Original characters / SC main cast edits. (Definitive version)


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This is basically the same thread as before, but hopefully with more top quality :)

Siegfried - SCVII. (updated)





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Yeah, I've been waiting to comment because I figured you might want to get through a couple of pages of archiving before discussion (I know when i created my consolidated thread I was rushing to do that), but since others have noted it, I will agree: you have really hit your stride. You were a little late to the game in sharing here for this community's SCVI CaS generation, but by keeping at it consistently, somewhere along the way you surpassed most of the other creators here in terms of technical detail.

When you first came here, you already had a unique and attention-grabbing style (we all said it as I recall), but your designs could feel a little flat and one-dimensional because of how heavily you leveraged surface work and stickers in particular. Now, you've mastered every little trick for creating a sense of depth through subtle little optical illusions and tactful contrast, and you've become more adventurous with object work, and the combined result is that your creations just pop so well, and yet still have that unique quality that stood out so much from the start. I always feel like I could pick your stuff out from a random selection of creations, and I can't say that for many CaS creators!


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@superdurand Thank you!🙏 doing updates like this is always fun, and feedback like this keeps me going. it's much appreciated💗

@Gaahl Wow! thank you for the kind words!💗 but even then, i still got much to learn. it's always a work in progress with me lol

@Rusted Blade Hey man, thank you so much! 😁💗 yeah, i definitely came in the game late lol but posting on 8wayrun and reddit simultaneously helped a lot. i mean, the feedback was crazy.
Yeah, i think you guys said my previous style look cartoonish or something like that. i took it as a compliment of course. the Stefan design above is pretty much a callback to that style with some tweaks.
Yeah, ive been using objects a lot more now. it's fun, but the the limitations are killing me lol it's just a work in progress man 😅 also, feel free to comment / discuss whenever. i don't mind👍