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I'm testing right now. Movement 1-normal, movement 2-AA, pat 1k on hit his 6b clash with leixia A. 1k on hit pat 4k clash with her A. Is this not accurate?
Don't use the AA that's under "Attack". Use the record function and mash A instead.

If movement 2 is Attack AA, 6B will trade with AA. If movement 2 is Record 1 and then you mash A there's no delay and 6B gets beat out.

Record function is pretty good. Sometimes you have to do tricks with it to get what you want (actually because there's no delay and sometimes commands can get swallowed up by hit/blockstun), but it does its job.

Is the method I used accurate for testing techtraps? Movement 1-normal, movement 2-guard all, ukemi random, air control random.
Should be. I will usually check left/right/back individually instead of setting to random.


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Patroklos is the type of character that makes me feel all tingly when he taunts others....<3 I love shoving it in theyre face they lost buahahahhaha ( only to people who annoy me..)


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Because I want to run my fingers through his fluffy hair and gaze into his pretty eyes

My custom Viola is still hotter though, I barely even play Patroklos, what am I even doing in this soul arena


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i chose Pat because I lost Yun and he is the closest one in terms of personality. A straightforward character and isn't strong nor weak.


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Remove 2nd hit of vs OTG 2A+B and return 2A+B BE from before the game's release.
Change 6B, B, B from M,H,M to H,H,M.
Make CE -22 on block instead of -20.
Allow 66B to w! vs midair opponent.
Make 66B -6 or -7 on block.
Allow 66K(I think lol) to w! vs midair opponents.
Make A+B aGI window shorter.
Make 1K neutral on hit.
Reduce meter gain from 66B+K.


Should this char even have a wish list? If anything...1k needs to not be +2 on hit, 66B needs more freeze on block. And I think his CE should do 80 damage instead of 90...and lose it's ring out ability.