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[13] Hero

can you see if he has this move and its notation?

can you try and find out how to stack orbs and initiate the time slow down?

lastly what does his soul charge do outside of his time gimmick. like does it increase his attacks, speed and increase the amount of orbs he can apply? oh and does he have any new moves outside and inside soul charge.

thank you!
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Hey everyone my time with SC6 demo has ended. As for footage of Zas which I'm sure people are dying to see, Joel has the recordings so its gonna be whenever he gets to upload them.

I think the main thing to take away from the footage is we spent a decent amount of time just doing all the known moves of Zas. I was going to gif each move with its notation and any additional info.

We didn't get a whole load of actual matches in as one of the employees was very intent on letting others have a go.

The only thing I couldn't really showcase was many Soul Charge moves outside the ones I knew due to having no access to movelist.

I'll soon be on my 4 hour coach ride and I'm gonna answer all the questions I've been asked to the best of my ability.

But guys I'm serious about Zas, he is soild and I'm gonna be studying the moves alot especially because in 3 weeks time I'm going to VSFighter which is in UK aswell with is on 2 and a half DAYS instead of 4 hours and will have 10 set ups instead of 4.

Will be putting all this info to good use and bringing in better gameplay as would have already revised his moves. Stay tuned!
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Alrighty best thing I can do is go through the move list in order to answer you guys questions. Like I say I will GIF each move when the recordings are finished.

AAA - last hit high.

6AB - high into mid string which if second hit CH then its LH.

3AB - horizontal mid sends behind him.
3AK - string we see in trailer but in SC has last hit.

2A - standard

1A - looks very similar to his 2A but as a low slightly slower but as of right now feels hard to see. Also he gets a 1AB string from SC.

4A - same as SC4 couldn't seem to get a 4A:B just frame attack throw tho from CH.

9A - same as SC4

WRA - didn't see a difference when I tried WRA4.

66A - that new move he uses to step kill I believe it was mid, it has good range feels safe.

22A - actually brings out his old SC4 1AB string as one move.

44A/11A - appears same as 4A.

BBB - steppable last hit

I did not see any difference when doing BB4 on hit or block.

BB on hit felt like didn't give much advantage.

BK slide with JF is still in

6BB is Zas old SC4 66BB you can delay second hit but both hits are mid, second one can LH on CH.

3B is like SC4 but again nothing different happened when I did 3B4.

2B didn't have a 2B4 version.

1B is what appears to be a unseeable low that when opponent has a curse on them activates time stop on hit AND block.

4B series with the JF on CH is exactly how it is in SC4.

jump B standard

WRB is that new attack animation that swaps sides.

66B is the running forward vertical that LH on CH that you've all probs seen by now.

22B is a upwards launcher.

11B is a low poke.

44B is that vertical Zas does at the start of his reveal trailer, but its the hold version on 44B that keeps them stuned for combo.

KK still in.

6K is the input for the pimp hand that lands the curse, this version is high, safe and causes LH on CH.

3K is actually really similar in animation, still causes curse but is mid feels ever so slightly slower.

2K standard.

1K is his old 11K

4K is the knee.

8K is the same as SC4.

WRK is old SC4 3K animation.

66K same shitty thing.

22KK still in.

Off hand I can't remember the new 11K.

44K is his old one but has a aGI.

So A+B is his old A+K

4A+B is the spinning scythe atttack.

8A+B is the air grab which looks the same but causes a ground stun after grabbing them out the air so I was able to combo a 6BB after.

6A+B string still is the same with 6A+BB and 6A+B B hold but you can G cancel the second hit.

2A+B is the other netrual GB attack.

66A+B same but causes time stop if opponent has curses.

44A+B is the launcher behind him move we see after the LH in the reveal trailer.

B+K is interesting so if you just press it does that long as fuck animation, you can do B+KB to land a break attack mid attack that puts a curse on opponent on block, its fully cancelable with G at any point

6B+K is the old Zas 6B and the 6B+KA is the old 6BA.

2B+K is Zas old 1K then 4K string.

4B+K is exactly the same.

8B+K is a big jumping attack that might of been in SC3.

I don't think there was a 1 or 3 A+B/B+K.

66B+K is same

44B+K is still unblockable and still G cancelable.

So the throw that stuns them is 6A+G and you can input 8A or 2B to get the old enders of his JFs from 4a/old 6b+k.

So Zas BT moves are really good. BT A has decent range, BT BB is the mid then other mid that spins them OTG, BT K is the mid kick we see him do at the end of his first combo in reveal trailer and he stays BT. BT B+K and the hold version are back.

And brave yourselfs Zas BT 2K DOES still knockdown!

RE A is exactly like SC4 6AB where on hit sends them behind him.

RE B isn't the greatest outside of the time stop ability.

RE K is good as it puts a curse on opponent even if they went for block and its plus on block.

Soul Charge moves I knew were 3AKB from trailer. The pulling in Abyss thing is his A+B when in soul charge its got good range and defo is adavantage on block. (in the video I do it far away to show the range)

There was SC 1AB which is NC from the hardish to see low.

And the SC command throw which unfortunately I couldn't figure out the command to do it to test it.

As of right now I'm watching the Zas moves back (its still private till its done) and marking time stamps to the moves for Joel to edit.

With the gameplay when it comes as you could imagine I wasnt able to figure out combos yet and often got into habit of doing SC4 Zas inputs which are not all the same lol also because they was my first games I was trying just to win and the curse and time stop mechanics definitely require some ahead planning to use in your gameplan as a result I don't pull freezes much.
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[09] Warrior
So they dropped the draw system he had in scIV. I guess it's for the better, since stuff like 2B4 and BB4 were practically impossible to hit confirm and left you at negative frames with the opponent in your face on block.
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So I finished the moves in the post above.

So the moves that I find put on the curses are 6K, 3K, B+KB, RE K and CE.

I didn't find any new time stop moves yet so all I know is still RE B, 1BB, 66A+BB.

So with 1 curse time freeze nothing guaranteed I guess you can use it for a 50/50.

2 curse time freeze was able to get BB so maybe a i16 gap approx?

3 curse was the A+B guaranteed one.

What was really strong was the 1BB low into time stop happened on hit AND block. You couldn't GI or stop the time stop from what we tested (I actually just now thought of a jump attack haven't seen what happens if your in the air)

Once these vids are up and I have GIF'd everything for us, we can all work out what to test and try for when I go 20th-22nd July.

Also I met History behind the warrior at the namco event and got some Zasalamel and Kilik games against him so when he uploads them you know that's me using them lol

Hoping to have a more in depth look for his SC and time freeze attacks.
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Let's try to come up with some combo's, I'll go first. You could try:

6BB b:K 4B:B btB+K
3B 8A+B 6BB
22B 66A+B timestop + ? if Zas gets sent over, probably bt B+K
6AB and 3AB btBB 6BB
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8A+B comes out slower than before I actually struggled to find anything that launched them high enough. The 1 so far I found was 66B LH.

So we got 66B LH - 8A+B - 6BB. Leaves good oki and with tools like 1B(especially if cursed), 2B+K, 2A+B and B+KB we will finally be able to put a greater pressure onto the oppoment.

So yeah the trailer combo with the LH from second hit 6AB seems good into strong oki.

3B best thing I can think of is putting a curse on with 6K.

I should mention when I launched the opponent with a high enough move like 22B afterwards I did B:k which kept them in air and opponent can't AC afterwards I'm sure you could get something else. Not high enough for 8A+B and they get sent forward so some moves are out of range. I'm sure I did 22B - B:k - 66B which just reached and put opponent at my feet for oki.

Fuck just realized that 22B is the old FC 3B amination, so yeah its got TC, that should help you imagine it - again 8A+B was too slow for it to connect after
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Thanks Andy! You sound quite clued up.... a man who knows how to plan, test and implement! Great info re: curses - well played!


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Excellent info on Zas' curses. I remember in SCIII when the 2nd hit of 1BB whiffed. Now it's useful for stopping time. Zas's 6K was Abyss' B+KB & was a High. 3K was Zas' SCIV B+K that did no damage at all until Broken Destiney & was a Special Mid. Zas' is definitly a much better character in SCVI than he was in SCIII & SCIV.
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@Evil_Zutus 66B+K into 8A+B was just too slow to connect :(

Again keep these ideas coming for combos, trust me I want all the GIFs done to analyze what could be possible as much as you guys lol

Will have a list with all the things to try by the time VSFighter comes around.

As for videos, Joel has me doing 2 ft3s with him and Talon that I'm sure can try get this weekend up.

History behind the warrior says in his Geralt vs Taki video he will uploading matches over next few days, Ivy(Hyrul) and Rugi matches, Kilik(me) and Groh matches and Zas (me) and Nightmare matches. So if he does one a day sounds like that would be up Monday/Tuesday?

As for movelist I've done all the work time stamping everymove so Joel just needs to edit it now but he is a busy guy. Well on Thursday I'm off work I'm gonna spend the day
GIFing either way so Thursday evening you should get that.

Don't worry guys as Namco doesnt give ya any news or updates often I'll do it for them lol
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[09] Warrior
Can you do his 22B from crouch? I loved this in scIV where it was CR 3B. Would be good too know if you could use it on reaction to go under highs.
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@Evil_Zutus didn't have FC 3B or anything like that which yeah is abit sad.
So now that I think about it so far what I've seen his best duck whiff punish is the new WRB which unfortunately doesn't have good oki.

Maybe you could use 6B+KA to punish ducked highs to leave you at advantage. You could 6K to curse if the damage isn't that much different.


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Haha I've been beaten to it by the guys at CEO I even learned some new things here -

Gives me more to GIF up for us :)
Tuesday/Wednesday for my matches it sounds like.
I am going to watch this video now - was quite impressed with their Kilik video. These guys aren't rehearsing either. We needed you lot at E3 lol, as nobody has done any proper systematic breakdowns till now.
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Wow, that attack throw is sick @ 11:03!
Ikr gives him a much stronger/safer GI read in soul charge, gives em a curse and check the oki aswell lol that looks like 1B range.

The input for it is 2A+B.