PSN/XBL Hatemail Thread


[13] Hero
worst viola ive ever played, i can't believe this person is a b rankView attachment 45616
^ challenged me like 12 times straight and i got bored of beating her over and over
hahahaha yes she's really bad, I beat her in a Viola mirrir and I don't even play her. She also usually picks an endless stage...she's booted me out of lobbies and has ragequitted on me several times aswell, on top of that she sends either excuses or Spanish, #bonuspoints


[12] Conqueror
Oh wow, I met that player. I thought I'll lose miserably, so I didn't even try, but I won easily anyway. I think they just spammed vertical attacks so it's just t thing of sidesteping and 22A.


[09] Warrior
Old but gold...


This kid is cringey af. Only ever played him once, right there as you can see he didn't take it too well. Seems like he just avoids me now, probably wise of him!