[Russia,Krasnodar] Any good players?


[08] Mercenary
Looking 4 any nice players in Krasnodar or somewhere nearby. No need to be a pro, we are not too, but if you are - that's exellent! Playing in internet cafe, 50 rubs\hour. If you win - we pay^)

Me - Cervantes
Friend - Yong Song
Another - Kilik
One more - Mitsu

Кароче, русские игроки в Краснодаре есть? Хотите сыграть - звоните 8 906 817 9373. Александр. Не кусаюсь, если не проигрываю)


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I'm guessing Belial lives in Moscow, but I know for sure he lives within Russia. How long is it from Krasnador to Moscow?


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2Razors, go to fighting.ru forum, there you can find many Russian players, take info about turnaments. I'm not shure but maybe Gagarin from Krasnodar, if it's true you'll find little community and good rivals.


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This thread is occupied by me. Now this is - [RUSSIA] if you still not in our community - thread.