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It is on Monday Night the 15th in anticipation of Star Wars: TFU they are having a midnight release and since there are Star Wars Chars. on SC4 they will be doing this tourney. My friend is going to be one of the ones running it. At previous tourneys run by her, the prize has been a free copy of the game. However, do not quote me on the free game cause i have not gotten the official word. I am kinda expecting a $15-25 gift card, which is stll pretty good for a free tourney. I'm not really going for the game, its all about practice for this upcoming Saturday the 20th. Im not sure if the game is going to be played on x360 or PS3, but I will be bringing an arcade stick for the 360.
As soon as i get more info, i will be posting it here. Call me towards the latter half of the day tomorrow if your still curious... 830-237-4729
yea it's a midnight release of Star Wars:TFU. No matter, imma go, i'm not sure about Jesse now, he may got some things to take care of. But nonetheless....it's gonna be a good toruney indeed. Why, because I WIN!!!!!
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CW, SA Rob, Con, Agustin and I are my house spooning in case anybody is wondering. I drew the short straw and have to be in the middle, naked. Very awkward:(


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CW, SA Rob, Con, Agustin and I are my house spooning in case anybody is wondering. I drew the short straw and have to be in the middle, naked. Very awkward:(
Umm...Yeaaah yall focus on each other rather than yall skills....see you guys at the tourney on the 20th....


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I kinda have to apologize to everyone, it was still fun none the less. GG's to all that played. However, I'm sorry for not having all the available characters, the lack of being able to use stick and the fact that there was mass confusion on how to run the tourney. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 20th, if i don't see you before.
Update: Thursday nite

Gathering @ CW's

Mini tournament. @ tv's will be avilable! Come and get some!!!!
Be there promptly by 11pm! (nori we know you'll be a little late....)


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I am new to the forums and just wanted to see how many people live/play around UTSA. I really want to find some people who can actually play SC4 and not just mash buttons.
I go to UTSA, and I am a senior studying English. My PSN is clayjoe, if anyone wants to play online.



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Whaddup peeps?!?!?! Tonights the gathering @ Chickenweeeeeeeeheeeeeeezy's!!!!!!!
So bring ya A game unless you're just gonna sandbag tonight...For real though tonight should be fun and good practice for the Tourney on saturday.


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feel free to swing by my house if ya wanna get some warmup games i'm probably not going riding tonight weather looks like crap...

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210 six oh one nine seven seven four

i live right near UTSA maybe 5 minutes from the campus give me a ring if you want to get some live games in...


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Riding? you road or mnt.? I have a Specialized Hardrock Sport, not much but it goes off-road well enough.

Are y'all going to the tourney on Sat.? I will be there with a few friends. Maybe we can meet up and play before it starts.
Hey, so everyone knows, the doors for the tournament open at noon, and I'm going to be starting at 2 pm SHARP.

So no bull, I want you there on fucking time. If the first round is over there is no hope of even a late entry. No ifs ands or buts about it.