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Discussion in 'United States: Central' started by BatousaiNori, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    I replied to this in the tourney thread already, please check that out when you can:)

    GGs tonight to SA_Rob, SlayCruz, Chickenshit, Setsuna, Blaze24, and Cleon. Had a lot of fun and I learned a lot.
  2. Andychrist

    Andychrist [01] Neophyte

    I wanna say thanks for the good matches today at the tournament. Whenever you guys get together to play, hit me up. 210-383-0920 super awesome thx to Nori for the tips in between matches and Setsuna for an awesome match.

    SLAYCRUZ [01] Neophyte

    Good shit to everyone...congrats to Augustin for winning,and good shit to all players...I may have went 2 and out but I learned alot and hell I havent even been playin the game 2 months so I know I'll get beter ....eventually. Hit me up when yall wanna get games in.
  4. Nakofan64

    Nakofan64 [01] Neophyte

    So THIS is where y'all have been hiding..

    So great to see and catch up with y'all after all this time. I've been getting into Smash Brothers Brawl a lot but I did like what I saw of the SC4 action today. I think I'd get into this one more than I did SC3...especially since I found out that my little Talim isn't being used by anyone.

    Congrats to Augustin and Nori for finishing one-two. Good to see that y'all are still bringing the rain.

    I hope to see y'all more often.
  5. Setsuna

    Setsuna [09] Warrior

    Man I just gave shout outs in the results thread so read there. To all I didnt mention.

    Andychrist- You were that blond hair dude I played on the ice stage in the tourney? GG man you brought me to the wire on that match. Good decisions and good patience when approaching my Setsuka I had to take my time with you. When ever you are down to get some games in my place is open so just post and let me know when you are avail.

    Nako!!!!!- Glad to see you here. Besides Nacho and Jody you are the only old school player I remember from waaayyyy back. Sorry I dropped smash but if you are down to play SC or smash you know where I live so hit me up.
  6. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Awesome dude, glad you found this place. And yes, I will turn your cass from good to destroyer. It would be awesome to have another Cass player to play because against another Cass, I don't know what to do. I'm gonna teach you everything I know so I'll learn how to play somebody who plays like me haha. For real, hope to see you at gatherings in the future.

    This is the most active I've ever seen the SA thread in YEARS. Look at all the people we have playing now:

    Nacho (played him at Rob's last night)
    Blaze24 (I think you should both wrestle naked and there can only be 1 winner)
    SlayCruz (Jesse)
    Andychrist (What's your real name)

    Man......what a talent pool. It's really awesome this many people are playing. We have a LOT of variety now.
  7. Ai-uchi

    Ai-uchi [01] Neophyte

    hey guys, just dropping by. Been talking to nori a bit on the phone and I'd like to get some playing time against people again... Been a long time since I was active with the calibur games but I've got some nationally attended tournament wins under my belt so I think I've got some things to add to the mix as soon as I get some pvp playing in.
  8. Setsuna

    Setsuna [09] Warrior

    Sup man I am down anytime you want to play so let me know when and where take care.
  9. Setsuna

    Setsuna [09] Warrior

    .....I guess bushido is the only person not afraid of playing me. Whats up SA do I have to start everything? Hit me up if you are not afraid to play me and get practice. All I hear is that yall want to meet up and get this SA community started and bigger but no disrespect all I feel is flakes. AGAIN if yall want to meet up and play like yall say yall WANT to then hit me up on time and date and I will be there if not then dont even post things saying yall want to meet and get better and thats real.

  10. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Check your PM. I was about to post something very long, but I'm not going to do what you're doing and bring unwelcome drama into the thread.

    SLAYCRUZ [01] Neophyte

    I'm with Nori on this one...we dont need any senseless drama. Its not about saying we wanna play and get better and not mean it,some of us have alot going on in our life to where we cant play when we want to. I do want to get better and people that know me know I mean that,but I got a life to deal with and other things that are a little more important to deal with than Calibur. I see what you're trying to do Setsuna,and thats motivate people but you could probably word it better,and besides its not like everyone lives near one another so getting everyone in one spot aint always easy. Goin to CW's once or twice a week is all I can do to practice besides practicing at home I cant be driving all over SA gas aint cheap and my car aint new.....
  12. Nakofan64

    Nakofan64 [01] Neophyte

    Does CW happen to host on Tuesday nights? and would you mind if I tagged along some?
  13. BatousaiNori

    BatousaiNori [10] Knight

    Bring NCAA 09 so I can demolish you. I get to be Georgia though:)
  14. Nakofan64

    Nakofan64 [01] Neophyte

    As long as you don't mind the PS2 version...still the smoothest running, glitch free version.

    And I'll bring the 'Horns against the Bulldogs. I love a good Big XII vs. SEC showdown.
  15. Andychrist

    Andychrist [01] Neophyte

    Well I posted my number in a previous post and for my availability...I'm pretty much free from thursday afternoon to sunday. Call me or PM, whatever your preference, because I need a better cassy!
  16. Blaze

    Blaze [08] Mercenary

    Hey losers I finally got a profile on this. Any Games tonight? Monday? Cant let you scrubs think your good in a tournament when Im not there.
  17. Chickenwing

    Chickenwing [10] Knight

    Andychrist: Thanks for the info. I'll let everyone know when we're going to do the next gathering. i'm looking more towards the end of the week. Thursday nights are looking to be a good night for most. But idk if we're going to move it to friday to accommodate some people.

    Nako: sry bro. Tues nights are bad for me due to work wednesday morning. Espically at this time right now since wall street is having some issues. People are freaking out about the banks. And that shit in itself is stressful.

    Setsuna: ??? I didn't get the relevance of your post. What exactly did you mean by "flakes"? if that post was meant for sean, then i don't think that the REST of san antonio has to hear it or be put in as an example. Also, if you're trying to hype SA up to play each other, you're going about this the wrong way. WE try to make an effort to play. And Also, I myself, i'm trying to establish another tournament spot that way SA would have at least GUARANTEED 2 tournaments a month. So if there REALLY is an issue that you have with SA i wanna hear it. Otherwise don't post that kind of garbage again.

    EDIT: Blaze you still suck.
  18. angrypheemail

    angrypheemail [01] Neophyte

    wow guys...calm down, cw could not have run that thing with out me...jk, love u all..... till next time at my house...aka cw place

    ps: if u want something other then water, bring ur own drinks... ;)

    SLAYCRUZ [01] Neophyte

    Quoted for truth
  20. D1rty_F1sh

    D1rty_F1sh [01] Neophyte

    Thursday nights are always fine for me, i just have school until 9 but seeing as how we usually dont start getting together until that point that will be fine. Now the next topic, Nori made reference to the two blaze and blaise24 wrestling for the name. So in the event to prevent further embarrassment to myself, I have opted to change my name from Blaise24 to the Dirty Fish (in reference to Voldo's Land Fish) Sorry Nori No naked wrestling...

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