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  1. Thermidor

    Thermidor [10] Knight

    New York (East Coast)

    Come at me Bro.
  2. Wandrian

    Wandrian I don't know.

    XBL: Wandrian Wvlf
    Timezone: GMT -5
    Mic: yes(prefered)

    EDIT in September: HFS, I'm still loving this game! Casual or serious, I'm down for anything. Just no salt please :)
  3. Solo

    Solo [14] Master

    XBL: SoloT4
    Timezone: UTC -6 (U.S. Central)
    Mic: Mine is broken, I don't care if you use yours. Not like I'll hear you over the BGM anyways. Lol It's fixed. :D

    You can add me whatever level of player you are. Just tell me you're from 8wr so I'm not like "Who the fuck is this?!". New to SC or tournament veteran, I'd love to add you and get some matches in.
  4. Mitalius

    Mitalius BoW To MeH

    Xbl: itz dapinkpwner
    Times: Whenever I feel like it,
    Characters: Nightmare and Mitsurugi.

    STLBADBOY [01] Neophyte

    XBL - Bummagic
    St. Louis.
    On at random times
    Currently Ranked #1 on XBL :)
  6. Abraham

    Abraham [01] Neophyte

    XBL: Dr Abraham
    Hit me up whenever!
  7. The Landslide

    The Landslide [13] Hero

    XBL: The Landslide
    Jersey City/New York
    I'm usually watching Netflix with my wife, but hit me up and I'll try to go a few rounds.
  8. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    and Id still ace you :)
  9. sjcodan

    sjcodan [01] Neophyte

    Sjcodan's the name. Hit me up if I'm on soulcal, if its on CoD, its not me.
  10. jay_simon

    jay_simon [04] Fighter


    east coast (northern virginia) on 25/25 fios

    intermediate level player, play pyrrha's mostly, some patroklos.

    looking for high level players.
  11. WolfLoneThe

    WolfLoneThe [10] Knight

    GT: Dazzler1992
    Location: UK

    I'm by no means good as this is my first fighting game but I'm sick of being kicked from player matches for winning a few times. I don't mind playing anyone as long as the connection isn't too bad
  12. SolidSonic

    SolidSonic [09] Warrior

    I need to practice for CEO. I've been sitting on the sidelines of SC5 for too long.

    GT: SolidSonicTH
    Location: East Coast Florida
  13. ChaCha

    ChaCha [10] Knight

    gt: cha2

    location: buffalo ny

    on: late night EST

    tira, leixia, aeon, elysium
  14. RikstaG

    RikstaG [01] Neophyte

    GT: RikstaG

    I mainly play as Hilde, but I've also been trying out other characters. I can't say I'm very good, but I know how to play. I'm down to go against anyone. Feel free to add me!
  15. ChinNuts

    ChinNuts [01] Neophyte

    GT: AZChinNuts

    Decent with Cervy, okay with Asta. Usually on after 7pm PST.
  16. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    XBL: AnimeChild ( I know very original > 3 >;;)
    Location: US? o_o
    Times:when Im onxD

    Have feel free to message me since I love that <3
    also Im usually in the Player Match section~Also I think I'm a C4 :O so yeah Im not that HIGH in rank -_-
    But be warned ( I dont want to sound conceited or whatever) I am a good pyrrha player and I will spare no mercy on your soul. DUN DUN DUUUUN. lmao JK ^^ I play for fun C:
  17. JDub

    JDub Mmm. Pie.

    Damn. A lot of 8WR'rs on XBL. I would completely delete my Friends list and restock it exclusively with you folks to increase the frequency and quality of matches. I play anyone but I'm a creature of habit and too often just take myself to GC random or Rank for variety and less down time. I talked like I was going to take Oofmatic up on his challenge then forget to even look if he's on cuz I'm always mindlessly going into my robotic routine.
  18. Mercsin

    Mercsin [08] Mercenary

    Zer0 Hundr3d - same as the user name except theres a space.Also I'm mostly an MK player so I don't get on a lot.But that's why I'm here because ranked and player matches with randoms are boring and you know how online communities are.

    EDIT: Please send a message before adding me because I don't like random FRs
  19. WolfLoneThe

    WolfLoneThe [10] Knight

    Changed my GT to WolfLoneThe. Still looking for people to play with, especially Europeans for connection purposes
  20. Auden

    Auden [01] Neophyte

    GT: Augors

    Just hit me up whenever.

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