SCV and SCII:HD Included in SoCal Regionals (SCR) 2014 Lineup

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Recently revealed via the SCR (Southern California Regionals) 2014 lineup stream on LevelUpLive, Alex Valle announced that 20 games would be present at this year's event. Among those titles, SoulCalibur V will be making it's return for the 2nd time and joining it will be the recently launched SoulCalibur II:HD. Last year's event was an entertaining spectacle as well as an enjoyable time for those who participated, so if you are in the region or able to make the trip from your respective location I would definitely recommend making it out to the tournament!

SCR 2014 will be taking place in Irvine, California at the University of California on the Feb 28th - March 2nd weekend.


To find out more or to keep up to date with the event/organizers, be sure to check out the additional links below:

Twitter links:
Level Up Series
Alex Valle

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Man I've been waiting for this event to come by!

Perfect time for me to head to SoCal Regionals 2014! I just gotta drive my way up from San Diego to Irvine. That shouldn't take long so probably 1 hour and 21 mins to be exact lol.
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Hopefully I'll be able to go. Tried going last year but go really sick the day before and royally screwed my chances.
Hey, just wanting to ask the community, would it be alright for someone like me who is new to tournaments to try out this one? If not, are there any other recommendations for another southern California SCV tournament? I'm not new to the skills needed to play tourney level bouts, just to the tournaments themselves.

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