SCV Tira Revealed!


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I hope she impacts the story a lot more then she used to, in SC3 she was on encounter with almost everyone. I hope since Pyrra is the focus with her brother, that what she did to pyrra is shown or explained out, I mean now, tira's attention level and story involvement should be around similar to Harley quin's in Arkham Asylum now.

Costume wise she needs more featers and maybe a small bird head insignia somewhere. I had hoped they would give her more relations with the crow, like have some clothing accessories that are black bird parts.
I was wondering, have you notice the ornament at the end of her braids/ponytails.


I'll make you submit!
Tira will hunt down and devour Sophitia and Pyrrah's souls for having the laggiest movelist in the world!! And I will laugh!
When I was doing my recoloring, I noticed them, but didn't think them to be bones. I just thought they were spikes or something. But now that I think about it, they could be bones.


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I wonder what her relation to nightmare will be I hated her as his servent and how she sees him as an idol...not going to lie, I get jelly :)


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I don't know if you've noticed, but in the 3rd pic under the spoiler category in the 1st post, Tira is doing her 4 A+B. And it flashes yellow... Hmm, I wonder if they'll keep that JS/GS style again...:/


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I find 4 A+B pushes them too far away so the grab misses unless there is a close wall or something, as for js and gs I would hate to see them go but I do hope for an easier way to use mix up combos without it being dumb luck.