Season 3 Wishlist

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Imagine the outrage if the weapons were behind randomized loot-boxes.

• Additional joke weapon
• Soul Edge version of weapon
• Soul Calibur version of weapon
• The Master series (SC5)

And thats not even including just new mesh+skin for similar/related weapons.
To entice buyers, they can have single-player only perks to "help" them with the libra of souls. I haven't decided if its a good thing to have "Pay to Win" but only for single player content. It would probably tarnish the competitive reputation of the series, which isn't worth iht.
Well I would definitely loath the introduction of anything lootbox into the game: a flat rate fee is infinitely more desirable than those kind of obnoxious trappings/randomized and manipulative forms of monetization. I'd be much more happy paying five bucks for a pack that gave every moveset two extra weapons. That would definitely begin to push the line of lower value per dollar (or put otherwise, would be a much higher net income relative to cost of production for Namco), but I'm both a hard core devotee of the franchise and a CaSer--and I can't imagine I'm anywhere near the only one willing to make that buy. Or alternatively, they could make it the content for one of the Season 3 CaS packages. There'd be a minor amount of coding necessary to create the CaS and weapon select screen divides between the standard weapons and those locked behind the paywall, though.


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If season 3 happens it will be ineresting to see what are gonna be the picks and they're gonna go base on the OG character, or we gonna see SCV characters coming back, or maybe a mix on both and they will simply go by the fans demand.


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Better make your voice heard! Imagine the swerve if Patroklos is in S3, but only as a baby


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  • Rollback Netcode
  • Vernal Reflection to count Run Counters
  • Vernal Reflection to buff ALL Setsuka's 214, 236, & JFs by 15 DMG per hit
  • Vernal Reflection to make ALL Setsuka's JF slides 2Fs faster.
  • Remove Setsuka's EZ Normals so her JFs can matter again & do insane DMG with Vernal Reflection


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If i pick the characters i want to see most now that Setsuka is in the game, it be Zwei and Yun.

And for stages, well obviously the house of my wife, and also Money's Pit would be cool, both those stages are so iconic also.

But above everything the most important change that SC6 needs is an overall better online experience improvement, with forced FT2, wifi indicator, better netcode and cie.


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