[Sep 13, 2014] Midland Warfare II ($1000 pot bonus) (Lincoln, NE)

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    After the success Midland Warfare was last year, I have decided to up the ante on all fronts. Bigger venue, bigger pot bonus, actual working stream, and even more community direct love. The idea of this tournament in the first place was to give our community a tournament where they're taken care of first and foremost instead of a last ditch add-on and I'll do whatever possible to make this the cornerstone that this community needs. What I need to make this a smash success is the players. Chicago has been supporting from day one and this year is no different. Hawkeye, LostProvidence, FenrisZero, and possibly a guest of interest will be in attendence. What we need is other communities to support as well so we can have the major we all deserve.

    If you have questions on travel, here is the rundown... Get in contact with me, if you're flying you can fly into Lincoln (more expensive, closer to the venue) or Omaha (cheaper but further out), our community can shuttle players to and from the venue within reason. The key here is contacting me if you're flying in so you can be well taken care of.

    Other than that, I hope to see you all in September.

    *posters coming soon

    September 13th, 2014
    Signups begin at 9am and the tournament begins at 2pm.

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln Union
    645 N. 14th Street
    Lincoln NE 68588

    $20 for Soulcalibur V
    $5 for the 2v2 Tag Team Tournament
    $0 entry fee.

    $1000 pot bonus provided by yours truly.
    60/30/10 split of the pot.

    The union is located blocks away from downtown with many hotels, restaurants, and bars right near the venue. I will be housing as many out-of-staters as possible, so if you're making plans to come from out-of-state get in contact with me ASAP.

    12pm Casuals and Check-Ins
    2pm Soulcalibur V Singles Tournament
    5pm Soulcalibur V Top 8
    8pm-Crash After Party Stream
    (team tournaments, money matches, and drunk rambling)

    Pools and top 8 will be streamed by Nebraska FGC.

    We are using the standard 8wayrun ruleset using Playstation 3 systems w/ double elimination.​
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  2. Party Wolf
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    Party Wolf Administrator

    What are the rules to this?
  3. mkl

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    Last year we put all the names into a hat and randomly drew teams. I think we'll most likely do that again. Otherwise, usual tournament rules.
  4. Party Wolf
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    Party Wolf Administrator

    Okay, what are the best times to arrive/leave the airport for you guys?
  5. mkl

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    Morning-Midday Thurs and Friday. I'm flexible though.
  6. TiZ

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    TiZ EX1
    That's way too far for me, but I wish you and the competitors all the best!
  7. FenrisZero

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    Team Me And Myself Op.
  8. Alex.J

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    FenrisZero and Kabuto The Python could be on the same team. You just need to put on your mask every other match.
  9. AVNjonnitti

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    this lands at a bad time for NE players :/ 2 weeks after summer jam and a week before GUTS.
  10. Gank

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    Wish I could make it but it a bit too far for me right now :/ looking forward to watching the stream
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  11. mkl

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    Yeah I figured it might be a little too tight for the east coast guys. That's alright, enjoy the stream doeeee.
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  12. Blueboyb

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    See you all there
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  13. lobo

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    My advice is this...there is already a strong, living memory of a SC cornerstone event. It happened four years after sc4's release. Follow it. Fix it. Perfect it. We have not had a truly definitive SC event before or after it. You are in the perfect position to fill that spot next year, which means constructing the hype train at this year's event.

    That said, good luck to all the competitors.
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  14. FenrisZero

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    Wtf you on about this time?
  15. Party Wolf
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    Party Wolf Administrator

    who is streaming this?
  16. Malice
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