Shura Moveset Possiblites and plausibility of being DLC


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Hi all

As the title dictates I wanted to discuss on what shura should play like if she becomes dlc and how should she designed.

For Those who never heard of Shura she was on of the bonus original characters that appeared in sc4, the only downside was all the bonus characters had a borrowed moveset. Shura's was Cerventes's moveset abeit a worser version of it.

I definitely think she needs to come into her own character with a unique style that is exclusive to her, a lot of untapped potential here.

her's her brief bio (excerpt from Wikipedia)

The woman was simply a killer, one who had never tasted satisfaction. She eventually began to destroy evil spirits to keep things challenging. She slayed many demons, until one day she became possessed by one. But even then, she did not stop killing. She continued her aggressive way of life, until the world was calling her "Shura", meaning "Bloodshed".
The spirit that had possessed her was in search of a powerful body so that it could return from the dead. As for the woman, she simply wanted someone worth killing. Together, they transformed from two strong warriors to a single, even stronger warrior.
The spirit still searches for a perfect body, with the woman still looking for someone strong enough to satisfy her.
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As for her bio, it seems cliché but I think it works. Still think it should be modernized. Being blood thirsty doesn't really make a more appealing backstory these days,

Shura's Design: Her design is unique for that time but its leaves a lot to be desired. I suggest an overhaul or more modest design taking cue from samurai warriors but different take on it.

Here's to hoping she makes the cut as dlc.


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I know it's about possibilities and opportunities but personally if for whatever reason they would decide to bring Shura it would be a powerful slap to the face by Namco
If I would bring any of those bonus characters then my vote would go for Ashlotte. By far the most unique of the lot and we have yet to see any Automaton representative
(tho Kami was my fav)


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well I agree there are alot of character that should be represented first. I just wanted to see a fresh take on Shura


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While I am, and always have and will be, an advocate for Ashlotte, any of Kami, Ashlotte, or Shura would be a dream for me. I've always had a thing for the more minor characters, which is also why I am such a sucker for Durer and Solnhofen.

On the Shura front, being bloodthirsty and nothing else is boring and we already have that in Cervy and Nighty, and nighty still has more of a personality due to his daddy issues (and possible height complex). As for possible things for personality, you could talk about how Shura became lonely and depressed due to her bloodthirst and love of battle. She could end up striking up a bizarre kinship with the demon, and possibly end up becoming a rival for Mitsu, as Mitsu is most certainly capable of fighting her to standstill. Mitsu seems like a perfect fit. You could also put her at odds with Taki, due to her being demonically possessed, and possibly Nightmare or Astaroth, due to their shared desire for battle. Shura isn't really good or evil, She's more of a Chaotic Neutral. She does what she wants. In that way, she could end up like a Mitsu, and fight the more powerful characters. If we don't mind bringing other guest characters into the picture, Kamikirimusi literally the perfect partner for Shura, they even have the same nationality! Jokes aside, Kami and Mitsu seem like the best companions/rivals for Shura. Maybe she even comes around to almost (almost) caring for the two. SHE is the one who gets to kill them. or something. I've been playing way to much Three houses so idk.

Shura also seems to be a bit of a dirty-minded character, based on her quotes. I take that it is more due to the lack of a unique voice actor for her, but I don't have anything to go off, so an alternative character interpretation could have her replace Ivy as Dexter Purpure. Most female characters have some sort of redeeming quality, barring NewTimeline!Tira. I suppose she could fill the bloodthirsty femme-fatale archetype, but that's kinda creeping into Ivy's Lair.

Gameplay, I kinda agree with Spellcraft. It doesn't feel like Shura is the type of fighter to up and take flight. I feel like she would play more like a weird combo of Taki combined with the extra power and reach of Mitsu. Maybe she has a demon power to levitate those extra swords she has going on. She seems like she would be a solid rushdown, with a good range. She doesn't exactly have a shorter sword, so she probably has longer range than Cervy. Where height is concerned, she was taller than Cervy, which puts her on the upper tiers of height, so she'd probs be the second tallest female in the game. Good range, good power, decent-ish speed, but probably a weaker mixup game, she seems she'd fit into the 'power' category, rather than 'speed' or 'technique'.

As for feasibility, uhhh, why not? The thing is, we got the lost swords stuff, which is guest armor, so I guess it's not too bad? It could be a different matter entirely with a full character, but who knows? Shura was made by a Hiroya Oku, so it's not too absurd for him to lease PS the character I suppose. Maybe if they plug him or pay him she might appear. Based on her being among the most popular of the guests, alongside Ashlotte and Kami, it's not too ridiculous to see her being a 'new' character in a Season three if it gets greenlighted. Of the three, i'd say the likelihood goes with Shura at first, due to fanservice and her having a pretty large fanbase as far as canon guests go, with Ashlotte in second for a similar reason, but Ashlotte loses out a bit because of a lack of fanservice, as in my books, fanservice/sexy characters tend to be more popular and likely. Kami comes in third as she seems a bit less popular than the former two.

If I had the say, She'd be in a season pass 3/4 with Ashlotte, Kami, and either Miser, Valeria or Zwei. Obviously after we get Yun/Hwang, and Setsuka. Probably Viola too. (but i'll say i prefer Ashlotte...)


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The only thing I would want from the anime guests at this point, is for their weapons to be given to the Asta, Nightmare, Mina, Amy and Cervy.

If they want to expand on Shura, they should make a new female character and start fresh. There must be some copyright or legal issue with the guest artist characters from SC4

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If they want to expand on Shura, they should make a new female character and start fresh. There must be some copyright or legal issue with the guest artist characters from SC4
That is indeed the case; I hate to rain on the OP's parade, but there's effectively zero chance that Shura or any other guest artist character ever being brought back for the sake of becoming a fully fledged roster member with their own moveset. For one thing, no bonus character in thehistory of the franchise has ever made this transition: Arthur being upgraded from a Mitsurugi's localization equivalent-replacement to a SCII:CE half-style is the closest instance of anything even close, and even that is a substantially different case operating under different factors.

Beyond that, Shura and the other SCIV bonus characters are especially unlikely to ever be the ones to break this trend, for exactly the reason you identify: they would constitute a potential IP liability that makes them particularly poorly suited to this role. The rights that the guest artists holds may vest under copyright or under other IP law altogether, but the point isn't that there is necessarily a strict bar to the use of the character, but merely that the involvement of a second-party rights holder (or even just a potential rights holder) makes these designs less desirable than the other options (one of the countless designs the developer-publisher owns free and clear or just a new one entirely).

In other words, it may well be that the guest artists (or some of them) surrendered their rights under a 'work for hire' agreement, that they transferred the copyright after the fact through a rights assignment agreement, or that they licensed the use of the designs for one or more collective works (i.e. sequential games), although each of these possibilities varies in how likely they are to have occurred in the context of a commissioned work. But even if one of these scenarios is the case, there is very little chance (especially in a large corporate environment where the legal department has particular influence and is directed mostly at reducing potential liabilities) they are going to run that risk when there's no real compelling reason not to utilize one of the massive number of alternate designs the development team is surely going to have at its disposal that involve no outside rights holders.

Look, best case scenario here, you're going to run up costs just by asking legal to look into the existing contracts and licensing agreements from an old game--and lawyer time doesn't come cheap, I can assure you. And no matter what the transfer and licensing agreements say, there's still going to be a degree of risk of litigation (whenever there is a second party creator) that is just going to be unpalatable and make one of the other established characters in the franchise (or just a new in-house design altogether, of which they have stacks during any new game's development) far more attractive, if there's a hole in the roster needing filling. And even if you just decide to negotiate a separate license for the new game, that's still more overhead--and then let's say the character is a hit: now you're committed to that headache every time you want to include them. There's just nothing about Shura or any of the SCIV bonus characters that makes them worth this kind of trouble--what would be the sell, that one-tenth of one-percent of the consumer base would find it "neato" if she were to return? It's just not gonna happen: it doesn't make good sense as best practice.

And even undertaking an analysis assumes that the idea was first floated and championed by someone high up in the development team, and we've never had any indication that anyone on Project Soul wants to go back and revisit the guest character designs and give them whole new movesets. And honestly, what dev really wants to do that just because a small number of fans fondly remembers Shura's curves and ass-less chaps? No, I'm afraid that all factors considered there is very little chance we will ever see Shura return even as a Cervantes clone again, let alone a full roster selection.

...besides, clearly if anyone is to come back, it should be Kamikirimusi! ;)
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